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  1. 2002
  2. Optical assembly and method for detection of light transmission

    Bergstrom, E. T. & Goodall, D. M., 2002

    Research output: Patent

  3. 2001
  4. Antennas for Cellular Communications

    Thornton, J., Grace, D., Capstick, M. H. & Tozer, T. C., 1 May 2001

    Research output: Patent

  5. Process for the Selective Derivatisation of Taxanes

    Clarke, P. A., Holton, R. A. & Zhang, Z., 20 Feb 2001, IPC No. US 6,191,287 B1

    Research output: Patent

  6. Sensors of relative position and orientation

    Tew, A. I., 1 Feb 2001, Patent No. GB2348280

    Research output: Patent

  7. 2000
  8. System and Method for Transmitting Data

    Crouch, S. & al., E., Sep 2000, Patent No. US 6,119,263

    Research output: Patent

  9. Method and apparatus for detecting signalling tones

    Leong, M. & Zakharov, Y., 1 May 2000, Patent No. WO0030325

    Research output: Patent

  10. Data Code Block Transmission Using Pre-selected Control Signals and Delimiters

    Crouch, S. & al., E., Apr 2000, Patent No. US 6,052,390

    Research output: Patent

  11. 1999
  12. Method and apparatus for detecting tones

    Zakharov, Y. V., Fedorov, S. V. & Titova, G. V., 1 Nov 1999, Patent No. WO9929085

    Research output: Patent

  13. Method and apparatus for performing spectral processing in tone detection

    Leong, M., Zakharov, Y., Fedorov, S. & Titova, G., 1 Nov 1999, Patent No. WO9929084

    Research output: Patent