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  1. 2021
  2. Primary school teachers' readiness in identifying children with dyslexia: A national survey in Sri Lanka

    Peries, W. A. N., Indrarathne, B., Jayamanne, B. D. W., Wickramasekara, T. D., Alwis, K. A. C. & Jayatilleke, A. U., 6 Sep 2021

    Article in DYSLEXIA

  3. Effects of mineralogy, chemistry and physical properties of basalts on carbon capture potential and plant-nutrient element release via enhanced weathering

    Lewis, A., Sarkar, B., Wade, P., Kemp, S., Hodson, M. E., Taylor, L., Yeong, K. L., Davies, K., Nelson, P., Bird, M., Kantola, I., Masters, M., DeLucia, E., Leake, J., Banwart, S. & Beerling, D., 1 Sep 2021

    Article in Applied Geochemistry

  4. Evaluation and usability study of low-cost laparoscopic box trainer “Lap-Pack”: a 2-stage multicenter cohort study

    Chauhan, M., Sawhney, R., Da Silva, C. F., Aruparayil, N., Gnanaraj, J., Maiti, S., Mishra, A., Quyn, A., Bolton, W. & Burke, J., 1 Sep 2021

    Article in IJS Global Health

  5. Importance of short-term temporal variability in soil physical properties for soil water modelling under different tillage practices

    Geris, J., Verrot, L., Gao, L., Peng, X., Oyesiku-Blakemore, J., Smith, JU., Hodson, M. E., McKenzie, BM., Zhang, G. & Hallett, P., 1 Sep 2021

    Article in Soil and Tillage Research

  6. Olive groves around the lake. A ten-thousand-year history of a Cretan landscape (Greece) reveals the dominant role of humans in making this Mediterranean ecosystem

    Jouffroy-Bapicot, I., Pedrotta, T., Debret, M., Field, S., Sulpizio, R., Zanchetta, G., Sabatier, P., Roberts, N., Tinner, W., Walsh, K. & Vannière, B., 1 Sep 2021

    Article in Quaternary Science Reviews

  7. High aboveground carbon stock of African tropical montane forests

    Cuni Sanchez, A., Sullivan, M., Platts, P. J., Lewis, S. L., Marchant, R., Imani, G., Hubau, W., Abiem, I., Adhikari, H., Albrecht, T., Altman, J., Amani, C., Aneseyee, A. B., Avitabile, V., Banin, L., Batumike, R., Bauters, M., Beeckman, H., Begne, S. K., Bennett, A. C. & 82 others, Bitariho, R., Boeckx, P., Bogaert, J., Bräuning, A., Bulonvu, F., Burgess, N. D., Calders, K., Chapman, C., Chapman, H., Comiskey, J., de Haulleville, T., Decuyper, M., DeVries, B., Dolezal, J., Droissart, V., Ewango, C., Feyera, S., Gebrekristos, A., Gereau, R. E., Gilpin, M., Hakizimana, D., Hall, J., Hamilton, A., Hardy, O., Hart, T., Heiskanen, J., Hemp, A., Herold, M., Hiltner, U., Horak, D., Kamdem, M-N., Kayijamahe, C., Kenfack, D., Kinyanjui, M. J., Klein, J., Lisingo, J., Lovett, J., Lung, M., Makana, J-R., Malhi, Y., Marshall, A., Martin, E. H., Mitchard, E. T. A., Morel, A., Mukendi, J. T., Muller, T., Nchu, F., Nyirambangutse, B., Okello, J., Peh, K. S. -H., Pellikka, P. K. E., Phillips, O. L., Plumptre, A., Qie, L., Rovero, F., Sainge, M. N., Schmitt, C. B., Sedlacek, O., Ngute, A. S. K., Sheil, D., Sheleme, D., Simegn, T. Y., Simo-Droissart, M., Sonké, B., Soromessa, T., Sunderland, T., Svoboda, M., Taedoumg, H., Taplin, J., Taylor, D., Thomas, S. C., Timberlake, J., Tuagben, D., Umunay, P., Uzabaho, E., Verbeeck, H., Vleminckx, J., Wallin, G., Wheeler, C., Willcock, S., Woods, J. T. & Zibera, E., 25 Aug 2021

    Article in Nature

  8. Training programme in gasless laparoscopy for rural surgeons of India (TARGET study) - Observational feasibility study

    Aruparayil, N., Gnanaraj, J., Maiti, S., Chauhan, M., Quyn, A., Mishra, A., Bains, L., Mathew, G., Harris, C., Cundill, B., Fellows, A., Gordon, K., Dawkins, B., Shinkins, B., Brown, J. & Jayne, D., 24 Aug 2021

    Article in International Journal of Surgery Open

  9. Estimating the dwarfing rate of an extinct Sicilian elephant

    Baleka, S., Herridge, V. L., Catalano, G., Lister, A. M., Dickinson, M. R., Di Patti, C., Barlow, A., Penkman, K. E. H., Hofreiter, M. & Paijmans, J. L. A., 23 Aug 2021

    Article in Current Biology

  10. Oxidation of iodide to iodate by cultures of marine ammonia-oxidising bacteria

    Hughes, C., Barton, E., Hepach, H., Chance, R., Pickering, M., Hogg, K., Pommerening-Roser, A., Wadley, M. R., Stevens, D. P. & Jickells, T. D., 20 Aug 2021


  11. Book Review: Ruth Lister, Poverty

    Power, M., 12 Aug 2021

    Book/Film/Article review in Sociology

  12. Towards understanding reactor relevant tokamak pedestals

    Ham, C., Bokshi, A., Brunetti, D., Bustos Ramírez, G., Chapman, B., Connor, J. W., Dickinson, D., Field, A. R., Frassinetti, L., Gillgren, A., Graves, J. P., Kiviniemi, T. P., Leerink, S., McMillan, B., Newton, S., Pamela, S., Roach, C. M., Saarelma, S., Simpson, J., Smith, S. F. & 4 others, Solano, E. R., Strand, P., Virtanen, A. J. & JET contributors, 2 Aug 2021

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  13. A new facile solvometallurgical leaching method for the selective Co dissolution & recovery from hard metals waste

    Oumarou Amadou, A., De Gaudenzi, G. P., Marcheselli, G., Cara, S., Piredda, M., Spiga, D., Matharu, A. S., De Gioannis, G. & Serpe, A., 1 Aug 2021

    Article in International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials

  14. EMPIRE-PIC: A Performance Portable Unstructured Particle-in-Cell Code

    Bettencourt, M. T., Brown, D. A. S., Cartwright, K. L., Cyr, E. C., Glusa, C. A., Lin, P. T., Moore, S. G., McGregor, D. A. O., Pawlowski, R., Phillips, E. G., Roberts, N. V., Wright, S. A., Maheswaran, S., Jones, J. P. & Jarvis, S., Aug 2021

    Article in Communications in Computational Physics

  15. Cell-Free Total Biosynthesis of Plant Terpene Natural Products Using an Orthogonal Cofactor Regeneration System

    Bat-Erdene, U., Billingsley, J. M., Turner, W. C., Lichman, B. R., Ippoliti, F. M., Garg, N. K., O'Connor, S. E. & Tang, Y., 23 Jul 2021

    Article in ACS Catalysis

  16. Anthropogenic Impacts on Tropospheric Reactive Chlorine since the Preindustrial

    Zhai, S., Wang, X., McConnell, J. R., Geng, L., Cole-Dai, J., Sigl, M., Chellman, N., Sherwen, T., Pound, R., Fujita, K., Hattori, S., Moch, J. M., Zhu, L., Evans, M., Legrand, M., Liu, P., Pasteris, D., Chan, Y-C., Murray, L. T. & Alexander, B., 22 Jul 2021

    Article in Geophysical Research Letters

  17. The incidence and prevalence of patients with paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria and aplastic anaemia PNH syndrome: a retrospective analysis of the UK’s population-based haematological malignancy research network 2004-2018

    Richards, S. J., Painter, D., Dickinson, A. J., Griffin, M., Munir, T., Arnold, L., Payne, D., Pike, A., Muus, P., Hill, A., Newton, D. J., McKinley, C., Jones, R., Kelly, R., Smith, A. G., Roman, E. & Hillmen, P., 7 Jul 2021

    Article in European Journal of Haematology

  18. The default mode network in cognition: a topographical perspective

    Smallwood, J., Bernhardt, B. C., Leech, R., Bzdok, D., Jefferies, E. & Margulies, D. S., 5 Jul 2021

    Review article in Nature Reviews Neuroscience

  19. An invariant Trypanosoma vivax vaccine antigen inducing protective immunity

    Autheman, D., Crosnier, C., Clare, S., Goulding, D. A., Brandt, C., Harcourt, K., Tolley, C., Galaway, F., Khushu, M., Ong, H., Romero-Ramirez, A., Duffy, C. W., Jackson, A. P. & Wright, G. J., 1 Jul 2021

    Article in Nature

  20. Current-induced domain wall motion: Comparison of STT and SHE

    Chureemart, J., Sampan-a-pai, S., Boonchui, S., Chantrell, R. W. & Chureemart, P., 1 Jul 2021

    Article in Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

  21. Scenario archetypes reveal risks and opportunities for global mountain futures

    Thorn, J. P. R., Klein, J. A., Steger, C., Hopping, K. A., Capitani, C., Tucker, C. M., Reid, R. S. & Marchant, R., Jul 2021

    Article in Global Environmental Change

  22. An early-morning gene network controlled by phytochromes and cryptochromes regulates photomorphogenesis pathways in Arabidopsis

    Balcerowicz, M., Mahjoub, M., Nguyen, D., Lan, H., Stoeckle, D., Conde, S., Jaeger, K., Wigge, P. A. & Ezer, D., 7 Jun 2021

    Article in Molecular plant

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