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  1. 2022
  2. Bromodomain factor 5 is an essential regulator of transcription in Leishmania

    Jones, N. G., Geoghegan, V., Moore, G., Carnielli, J. B. T., Newling, K., Calderón, F., Gabarró, R., Martín, J., Prinjha, R. K., Rioja, I., Wilkinson, A. J. & Mottram, J. C., 13 Jul 2022

    Article in Nature Communications

  3. A Four Carbon Organonitrate as a Significant Product of Secondary Isoprene Chemistry

    Tsiligiannis, E., Wu, R., Lee, B. H., Salvador, C. M., Priestley, M., Carlsson, P. T. M., Kang, S., Novelli, A., Vereecken, L., Fuchs, H., Mayhew, A. W., Hamilton, J. F., Edwards, P. M., Fry, J. L., Brownwood, B., Brown, S. S., Wild, R. J., Bannan, T. J., Coe, H., Allan, J. & 10 others, Surratt, J. D., Bacak, A., Artaxo, P., Percival, C., Guo, S., Hu, M., Wang, T., Mentel, T. F., Thornton, J. A. & Hallquist, M., 16 Jun 2022

    Article in Geophysical Research Letters

  4. Entomological indicators of malaria transmission prior to a cluster-randomized controlled trial of a 'lethal house lure' intervention in central Côte d'Ivoire

    Wolie, R. Z., Koffi, A. A., Ayuk-Taylor, L., Alou, L. P. A., Sternberg, E. D., N'Nan-Alla, O., N'Guessan, Y., Dahounto, A., Oumbouke, W. A., Tia, I. Z., N'Guetta, S-P. A., Cook, J., Thomas, M. B. & N'Guessan, R., 15 Jun 2022

    Article in MALARIA JOURNAL

  5. Deletion of AA9 Lytic Polysaccharide Monooxygenases Impacts A. nidulans Secretome and Growth on Lignocellulose

    Walton, P. H., Terrasan, C. R. F., Rubio, M., Gerhardt, J., Cairo, J., Contesini, F., Zubieta, M., Lopes de Figueiredo, F., Valadares, F., Correa, T., Mario, M., Telma, F., Davies, G. J. & Damasio, A., 6 Jun 2022

    Article in Microbiology spectrum

  6. Silver nanostructures prepared via novel green approach as an effective platform for biological and environmental applications

    Rani, P., Ahmed, B., Singh, J., Kaur, J., Rawat, M., Kaur, N., Matharu, A. S., AlKahtani, M., Alhomaidi, E. A. H. & Lee, J., Jun 2022

    Article in Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences

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