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  1. 2021
  2. Biocatalytic reductive amination by native Amine Dehydrogenases to access short chiral alkyl amines and amino alcohols

    Grogan, G. J., Bennett, M., Ducrot, L., Vergne-Vaxelaire, C., Zaparucha, A., Bommarius, A., Caparco, A. & Champion, J., 26 Nov 2021

    Article in Frontiers in Catalysis

  3. Europe's cross-border trade, human security and financial connections: A climate risk perspective

    West, C. D., Stokeld, E. C. M., Campiglio, E., Croft, S., Detges, A., Duranovic, A., von Jagow, A., Jarzabek, L., Knaepen, H., Magnuszewski, P., Monasterolo, I. & Reyer, C., 23 Nov 2021

    Article in Climate Risk Management

  4. Trading deforestation - Why the legality of forest-risk commodities is insufficient

    Reis, T., de Faria, V. G., Russo Lopes, G., Sparovek, G., West, C. D., Rajão, R. G., Ferreira, M. N., Elvira, M. & Valle, R., 23 Nov 2021

    Article in Environmental Research Letters

  5. Using a co-created transdisciplinary approach to explore the complexity of air pollution in informal settlements

    West, S. E., Medcalf, A. J., Bowyer, C., Apondo, W., Bueker, P., Cinderby, S., Gray, C., Hahn, M., Lambe, F., Loh, M., Muhoza, C., Muindi, K., Njoora, T. K., Twigg, M., Waelde, C., Walnycki, A., Wainwright, M., Wendler, J., Wilson, M. & Price, H. D., 19 Nov 2021

    Article in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications

  6. Firearm injury epidemiology in children and youth in Ontario, Canada: a population-based study

    Saunders, N. R., Moore Hepburn, C., Huang, A., de Oliveira, C., Strauss, R., Fiksenbaum, L., Pageau, P., Liu, N., Gomez, D. & Macpherson, A., 18 Nov 2021

    Article in BMJ Open

  7. Solving the Puzzles of the Decay of the Heaviest Known Proton-Emitting Nucleus 185Bi

    Doherty, D. T., Andreyev, A. N., Seweryniak, D., Woods, P. J., Carpenter, M. P., Auranen, K., Ayangeakaa, A. D., Back, B. B., Bottoni, S., Canete, L., Cubiss, J. G., Harker, J., Haylett, T., Huang, T., Janssens, R. V. F., Jenkins, D. G., Kondev, F. G., Lauritsen, T., Lederer-Woods, C., Li, J. & 6 others, Müller-Gatermann, C., Potterveld, D., Reviol, W., Savard, G., Stolze, S. & Zhu, S., 12 Nov 2021

    Article in Physical Review Letters

  8. Targeted therapy for LIMD1-deficient non-small cell lung cancer subtypes

    Davidson, K., Grevitt, P., Contreras-Gerenas, M. F., Bridge, K. S., Hermida, M., Shah, K. M., Mardakheh, F. K., Stubbs, M., Burke, R., Casado, P., Cutillas, P. R., Martin, S. A. & Sharp, T. V., 11 Nov 2021

    Article in Cell death & disease

  9. Investigating molecular mechanisms of 2A-stimulated ribosomal pausing and frameshifting in Theilovirus

    Hill, C. H., Cook, G. M., Napthine, S., Kibe, A., Brown, K., Caliskan, N., Firth, A. E., Graham, S. C. & Brierley, I., 9 Nov 2021

    Article in Nucleic Acids Research

  10. Large Shape Staggering in Neutron-Deficient Bi Isotopes

    Barzakh, A., Andreyev, A. N., Raison, C., Cubiss, J. G., Van Duppen, P., Péru, S., Hilaire, S., Goriely, S., Andel, B., Antalic, S., Al Monthery, M., Berengut, J. C., Bieroifmmode nelse ń, J., Bissell, M. L., Borschevsky, A., Chrysalidis, K., Cocolios, T. E., Day Goodacre, T., Dognon, J-P., Elantkowska, M. & 30 others, Eliav, E., Farooq-Smith, G. J., Fedorov, D. V., Fedosseev, V. N., Gaffney, L. P., Garcia Ruiz, R. F., Godefroid, M., Granados, C., Harding, R. D., Heinke, R., Huyse, M., Karls, J., Larmonier, P., Li, J. G., Lynch, K. M., Maison, D. E., Marsh, B. A., Molkanov, P., Mosat, P., Oleynichenko, A. V., Panteleev, V., Pyykkö, P., Reitsma, M. L., Rezynkina, K., Rossel, R. E., Rothe, S., Ruczkowski, J., Schiffmann, S., Seiffert, C. & Seliverstov, M. D., 2 Nov 2021

    Article in Physical Review Letters

  11. New ß-decaying state in 214Bi

    Andel, B., Van Duppen, P., Andreyev, A. N., Blazhev, A., Grawe, H., Licifmmode ăelse ă, R., Naïdja, H., Stryjczyk, M., Algora, A., Antalic, S., Barzakh, A., Benito, J., Benzoni, G., Berry, T., Borge, M. J. G., Chrysalidis, K., Clisu, C., Costache, C., Cubiss, J. G., De Witte, H. & 30 others, Fedorov, D. V., Fedosseev, V. N., Fraile, L. M., Fynbo, H. O. U., Greenlees, P. T., Harkness-Brennan, L. J., Huyse, M., Illana, A., Jolie, J., Judson, D. S., Konki, J., Lazarus, I., Madurga, M., Marginean, N., Marginean, R., Mihai, C., Marsh, B. A., Molkanov, P., Mosat, P., Murias, J. R., Nacher, E., Negret, A., Page, R. D., Pascu, S., Perea, A., Pucknell, V., Rahkila, P., Rapisarda, E., Seliverstov, M. D. & Wadsworth, R., 2 Nov 2021

    Article in Physical Review C

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