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  1. 2001
  2. The gift in sixteenth-century France

    Scott-Warren, J., 2001

    Book/Film/Article review in Renaissance and reformation

  3. New approaches in Flaubert studies

    Wall, G., Jan 2001

    Book/Film/Article review in French studies

  4. Shape coexistence in [Formula Presented]

    Muikku, M., Greenlees, P. T., Hauschild, K., Helariutta, K., Jenkins, D. G., Jones, P., Julin, R., Juutinen, S., Kankaanpää, H., Kelsall, N. S., Kettunen, H., Kuusiniemi, P., Leino, M., Moore, C. J., Nieminen, P., O’Leary, C. D., Page, R. D., Rahkila, P., Reviol, W., Taylor, M. J. & 2 others, Uusitalo, J. & Wadsworth, R., 1 Jan 2001

    Article in Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

  5. Manuscript Evolution

    Mooney, L. R., Howe, C. J., Barbrook, A. C., Spencer, M., Bordalejo, B. & Robinson, P., Mar 2001

    Article in Trends in Genetics

  6. Effects of interdot dipole coupling in mesoscopic epitaxial Fe(100) dot arrays

    Hirohata, A., Gardiner, S. M., Rothman, J., Klaui, M., Lopez-Diaz, L., Chen, Y., Cambril, E., Rousseaux, F., Xu, Y. B., Tselepi, M. & Bland, J. A. C., Jul 2001

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

  7. Manuscript Evolution (2)

    Mooney, L. R., Barbrook, A. C., Howe, C. J., Spencer, M., Bordalejo, B. & Robinson, P., Sep 2001

    Article in Endeavour

  8. Phosphorylation of cysteine string protein by protein kinase A. Implications for the modulation of exocytosis

    Evans, G. J. O., Wilkinson, M. C., Graham, M. E., Turner, K. M., Chamberlain, L. H., Morgan, A. & Burgoyne, R. D., Dec 2001

    Article in Journal of Biological Chemistry

  9. 2002
  10. Arthur Rimbaud

    Minta, S., 2002

    Book/Film/Article review in Cambridge Quarterly

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