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  1. 1978
  2. 1982
  3. 1984

    Drew, P., 1984

    Book/Film/Article review in Sociology

  5. 1985
  6. 1986

    Button, G., Drew, P. & Heritage, J., 1986

    Editorial in Human studies


    CURRAN, J. & BURROWS, R., May 1986

    Article in Sociology

  9. 1987
  10. 1988
  11. 1989
  12. Middle mass and the Pit

    BURROWS, R. & BUTLER, T., May 1989

    Book/Film/Article review in The Sociological Review

  13. 1990
  14. 1991
  15. 1992
  16. 1993
  17. 1994
  18. 1995
  19. Two proton high spin excitations and dipole bands in 192hg

    Le Coz, Y., Astier, A., Béraud, R., Duffait, R., Meyer, M., Redon, N., Bastin, G., Deloncle, I., Gall, B., Hannachi, F., Kaci, M., Porquet, M. G., Schiick, C., Azaiez, F., Bourgeois, C., Duprat, J., Korichi, A., Perrin, N., Poffe, N., Sergolle, H. & 20 others, Beausang, C. W., Gale, S. J., Joyce, M. J., Paul, E. S., Sharpey-Schafer, J. F., Clark, R. M., Hauschild, K., Wadsworth, R., Simpson, J., Bentley, M. A., Smith, G., Hiibel, H., Willsau, P., De France, G., Ahmad, I., Carpenter, M., Henry, R., Janssens, R. V. F., Khoo, T. L. & Lauritsen, T., 1 Jan 1995

    Article in Physica Scripta


    BURROWS, R., BUNTON, R., MUNCER, S. & GILLEN, K., Jun 1995


  21. 1996
  22. Characterisation of magnetic pigment dispersions using pulsed magnetic fields

    Hancock, C. P., Greaves, S. J., O'Grady, K., Williams, R. G. & Owens, A. R., 1996

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

  23. League tables and their limitations: Statistical issues in comparisons of institutional performance - Discussion

    Butler, R., FitzGibbon, C., Gardner, J., Macfarlane, A., Smalls, M., Draper, D., Galbraith, R., Eastwood, A., Sheldon, T. A., Smith, P., Galbraith, J. I., Copas, J. B., Kapadia, R., Schagen, I., Brand, R., Louis, T. A., Leyland, A. H., Gore, S., Goodhardt, G., Senn, S. & 21 others, Langford, I. H., Bartholomew, D., Longford, N. T., Diamond, I., Steele, F., Normand, S. L., McKee, M., Abrams, K. R., Lambert, P. C., Chatfield, C., Christiansen, C. L., Ecob, R., Fielding, A., Harrell, F. E., Kendrick, S., Muxworthy, D., Russell, D., Russell, I., Snijders, T. A. B., Spencer, N. H. & TarnowMordi, W., 1996

    Editorial in Journal of the royal statistical society series A. General

  24. Topical treatments for head lice: Review's weaknesses may undermine its conclusions.

    Dixon, R., Eastwood, A., Fullerton, D., Glenny, A. M., Lister-Sharp, D., Petticrew, M. & Sheldon, T., 1996

    Letter in BMJ

  25. Superdeformed structures in 197,198Pb

    Hibbert, I. M., Wadsworth, R., Hauschild, K., Hübel, H., Korten, W., Van Severen, U. J., Paul, E. S., Wilson, A. N., Wilson, J. N., Byrne, A. P., Satula, W. & Wyss, R., Nov 1996

    Article in Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

  26. 1997
  27. Primary care. Defining role.

    Ashburner, L., Birch, K., Latimer, J. & Scrivens, E., 1997

    Article in The Health service journal

  28. The National Psychiatric Morbidity Surveys of Great Britain: strategy and methods.

    Jenkins, R., Bebbington, P., Brugha, T., Farrell, M., Gill, B., Lewis, G., Meltzer, H. & Petticrew, M., 1997

    Article in Psychol Med.

  29. Quadrupole and octupole collectivity in 148Nd

    Ibbotson, R. W., White, C. A., Czosnyka, T., Butler, P. A., Clarkson, N., Cline, D., Cunningham, R. A., Devlin, M., Helmer, K. G., Hoare, T. H., Hughes, J. R., Jones, G. D., Kavka, A. E., Kotlinski, B., Poynter, R. J., Regan, P. H., Vogt, E. G., Wadsworth, R., Watson, D. L. & Wu, C. Y., 16 Jun 1997

    Article in Nuclear Physics A

  30. 1998
  31. 1999
  32. Prosody in conversation: Interactional studies

    Drew, P., Mar 1999

    Book/Film/Article review in Language in Society

  33. Resource scarcity and innovation: Can poor countries attain endogenous growth?

    Barbier, E. B. & Homer-Dixon, T. F., Mar 1999

    Article in Ambio

  34. Monica's story

    Kaloski-Naylor, A., Nov 1999

    Book/Film/Article review in Journal of Gender Studies

  35. 2000
  36. Max Weber Revisited

    Gane, N., 2000

    Article in Sociology

  37. Neighbourhood impacts

    Atkinson, R. & Kintrea, K., Jan 2000

    Article in Policy and Politics

  38. Laser-induced phase transformations in semiconductor quantum dots

    Yakovlev, VV., Lazarov, N. V., Reynolds, J., Gajdardziska-Josifovska, M. & Lazarov, V., 10 Apr 2000

    Article in Applied Physics Letters

  39. Worlds of talk: The presentation of self in everyday life

    Drew, P., May 2000

    Book/Film/Article review in Sociology

  40. Macro-segregation in aluminium alloy sprayformed billets

    Mingard, K. P., Cantor, B., Palmer, I. G., Hughes, I. R., Alexander, P. W., Willis, T. C. & White, J., 14 Jun 2000

    Article in Acta Materialia

  41. Receiving shadows: governance and liminality in the night-time economy

    Hobbs, D., Lister, S., Hadfield, P., Winlow, S. & Hall, S., Sep 2000

    Article in British Journal of Sociology

  42. 2001
  43. 'Be nice': the training of bouncers

    Lister, S., Hadfield, P., Hobbs, R. & Winlow, S., 2001

    Article in Criminal justice matters

  44. Accounting for Bouncers

    Lister, S., Hadfield, P., Hobbs, D. & Winlow, S., 2001

    Article in Criminology and criminal justice

  45. Opinii politice

    Mercea, D. M., 2001

    Article in Political Science Review

  46. The'24-hour city': condition critical?

    Hadfield, P., Lister, S., Hobbs, D. & Winlow, S., 2001

    Article in Town and country planning

  47. Wavelength dependence of laser-induced phase transformations in semiconductor quantum dots

    Gajdardziska-Josifovska, M., Reynolds, J., Yakovlev, VV. & Lazarov, V., 21 May 2001

    Article in Applied Physics Letters

  48. 2002
  49. 'Door lore': The art and economics of intimidation

    Hobbs, D., Hadfield, P., Lister, S. & Winlow, S., 2002

    Article in British Journal of Criminology

  50. Are health-promoting prisons an impossibility? Lessons from England and Wales

    Caraher, M., Dixon, P., Carr-Hill, R., Hayton, P., McGough, H. & Bird, L., 2002

    Article in Health Education Journal

  51. Reader beware: diabetes advice on the web

    Kelly, W., Connolly, V., Bilous, R., Stewart, A., Nag, S., Bowes, D., Loader, B. & Muncer, S., 2002

    Article in Practical Diabetes International

  52. Sexuality, society, and feminism.

    Kitzinger, C., 2002

    Book/Film/Article review in SIGNS

  53. The sexual century.

    Kitzinger, C., 2002

    Book/Film/Article review in SIGNS

  54. ‘Door Lore’. The Art and Economics of Intimidation

    Hobbs, D., Hadfield, P., Lister, S. & Winlow, S., 2002

    Article in British Journal of Criminology

  55. Star Trek: The human frontier

    Kaloski-Naylor, A., Feb 2002

    Book/Film/Article review in Sociology

  56. A note from the editors

    Burrows, R. & Ford, J., Sep 2002

    Editorial in Housing Studies

  57. What makes people dissatisfied with their neighbourhoods?

    Parkes, A., Kearns, A. & Atkinson, R., Dec 2002

    Article in Urban Studies

  58. 2003
  59. A geography of global change: Cities and services, 2000-2001

    Taylor, P. J., Catalano, G. & Gane, N., 2003

    Article in URBAN GEOGRAPHY

  60. The Exclusiveness of the Political Field: networks and political mobilization

    Ray, K., Savage, M., Tampubolon, G., Warde, A., Longhurst, B. & Tomlinson, M., 2003

    Article in Social Movement Studies

  61. Trends in social capital: membership of associations in Great Britain, 1991-98

    Warde, A., Tampubolon, G., Longhurst, B., Ray, K., Savage, M. & Tomlinson, M., 2003

    Article in British Journal of Political Science

  62. 2004
  63. Audiences, museums and the English middle class

    Longhurst, B., Bagnall, G. & Savage, M., 2004

    Article in Museum and Society

  64. Cultural capital and Social Exclusion

    Bennett, T. & Savage, M., 2004

    Article in Cultural Trends

  65. Opportunities and Despair, it’s all in there

    Atkinson, R. & Kintrea, K., 2004

    Article in Sociology

  66. Short- and long-term effects of highly active antiretroviral therapy on Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus immune responses and viraemia

    Bourboulia, D., Aldam, D., Lagos, D., Allen, E., Williams, I., Cornforth, D., Copas, A. & Boshoff, C., 2004

    Article in Aids

  67. Dead cities: A natural history

    Atkinson, R., Mar 2004

    Book/Film/Article review in Urban Studies

  68. 2005
  69. Communities and change: festschrift for Ronnie Frankenberg

    Edwards, J., MacDonald, S. M. & Savage, M., 2005

    Article in The Sociological Review

  70. Gated cities of today? Barricaded residential development in England

    Atkinson, R., Blandy, S., Flint, J. & Lister, D., 2005

    Article in Town Planning Review

  71. Introduction: communities and change

    MacDonald, S., Edwards, J. & Savage, M., 2005

    Article in The Sociological Review

  72. Recreation, informal social networks and social capital

    Warde, A., Tampubolon, G. & Savage, M., 2005

    Article in Journal of leisure research

  73. Violence and control in the night-time economy

    Hobbs, D., Hadfield, P., Lister, S. & Winlow, S., 2005

    Article in Eur. J. Crime Crim. L. Crim. Just.

  74. Violent Hypocrisy

    Hobbs, D., Winlow, S., Hadfield, P. & Lister, S., 2005

    Article in European journal of criminology

  75. A note from the editors

    Burrows, R. & Ford, J., Jan 2005

    Editorial in Housing Studies

  76. Medicine and the body

    Nettleton, S., Feb 2005

    Book/Film/Article review in Sociology

  77. Same-sex marriage and equality

    Wilkinson, S. & Kitzinger, C., May 2005

    Article in Psychologist

  78. Dysmorphology and the spectacle of the clinic

    Featherstone, K., Latimer, J., Atkinson, P., Pilz, D. T. & Clarke, A., Jul 2005

    Article in Sociology of Health and Illness

  79. Adorno: A political biography

    Beer, D., Oct 2005

    Book/Film/Article review in Sociology

  80. 2006
  81. Friedrich Kittler

    Winthrop-Young, G. & Gane, N., 2006

    Article in Theory, Culture and Society

  82. Materiality is the Message?

    Gane, N. & Hannes-Magnusson, H., 2006

    Article in Theory, Culture and Society

  83. Posthuman

    Gane, N., 2006

    Article in Theory, Culture and Society

  84. Simulation

    Gane, N., 2006

    Article in Theory, Culture and Society

  85. The cultural field

    Savage, M., 2006

    Special issue in Cultural Trends

  86. The promissory pasts of blood stem cells

    Brown, N., Kraft, A. & Martin, P., 2006

    Article in BIOSOCIETIES

  87. Giving urban policy its 'medical': assessing the place of health in area-based regeneration

    Atkinson, R., Thomson, H., Kearns, A. & Petticrew, M., Jan 2006

    Article in Policy and Politics

  88. Men's involvement in the South African family: Engendering change in the AIDS era

    Montgomery, C. M., Hosegood, V., Busza, J. & Timaeus, I. M., May 2006

    Article in Social Science & Medicine

  89. Shooters: Myths and realities of America's gun cultures

    Winlow, S., Aug 2006

    Book/Film/Article review in Sociology

  90. Geodemographics, software and class

    Burrows, R. & Gane, N., Oct 2006

    Article in Sociology

  91. Friedrich Kittler - An introduction

    Winthrop-Young, G. & Gane, N., Dec 2006

    Article in Theory, Culture and Society

  92. Optical media

    Gane, N. & Hansen-Magnusson, H., Dec 2006

    Book/Film/Article review in Theory, Culture and Society

  93. 2007
  94. A review identifies and classifies reasons for ordering diagnostic tests

    Whiting, P., Toerien, M., de Salis, I., Sterne, J. A. C., Dieppe, P., Egger, M. & Fahey, T., 2007

    Article in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

  95. Evaluating the individual budget pilot projects

    Glendinning, C., Challis, D., Fernez, J. L., Jones, K., Knapp, M., Manthorpe, J., Netten, A., Stevens, M. & Wilberforce, M., 2007

    Article in Journal of Care Services Management

  96. Have there been culture shifts in Britain?

    Majima, S. & Savage, M., 2007

    Article in Cultural Sociology

  97. Ubiquitous Surveillance

    Gane, N., Venn, C. & Hand, M., 2007

    Article in Theory, Culture and Society

  98. Drinking cultures

    Winlow, S., Apr 2007

    Book/Film/Article review in Sociology

  99. Understanding drugs, alcohol and crime

    Winlow, S., Apr 2007

    Book/Film/Article review in Sociology

  100. Panic rooms: The rise of defensive homeownership

    Atkinson, R. & Blandy, S., Jul 2007

    Article in Housing Studies

  101. The coming crisis of empirical sociology

    Savage, M. & Burrows, R., Oct 2007

    Article in Sociology

  102. Interview with Friedrich Kittler and Mark Hansen

    Gane, N., Sale, S., Kittler, F. & Hansen, M., Dec 2007

    Editorial in Theory, Culture and Society

  103. Ubiquitous surveillance - Interview with Katherine Hayles

    Gane, N., Venn, C., Hand, M. & Hayles, K., Dec 2007

    Editorial in Theory, Culture and Society

  104. 2008
  105. 'Wither the survey?'

    Savage, M. & Burrows, R., 2008

    Editorial in International Journal of Market Research

  106. Acting your age in Second Life

    Reed, D. & Fitzpatrick, G., 2008

    Article in Fun and Games

  107. Defamiliarising Design

    Light, A., Blythe, M. & Reed, D., 2008

    Article in Design Principles and Practices

  108. Ordinary Sex

    Jackson, S., 2008

    Special issue in Sexualities

  109. The acceptability of intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in infants(IPTi) delivered through the expanded programme of immunization in southern Tanzania

    Pool, R., Mushi, A., Schellenberg, J. A., Mrisho, M., Alonso, P., Montgomery, C., Tanner, M., Mshinda, H. & Schellenberg, D., 2008

    Article in MALARIA JOURNAL

  110. Ordinary Sex

    Jackson, S., Feb 2008

    Editorial in Sexualities

  111. Language and gender: An advanced resource book

    Rickford, R. & Kitzinger, C., Apr 2008

    Book/Film/Article review in Language in Society

  112. The role of partnership dynamics in determining the acceptability of condoms and microbicides

    Montgomery, C., Lees, S., Stadler, J. J., Morar, N. S., Ssali, A., Mwanza, B., Ntambo, M., Phillip, J. & Pool, R., Jul 2008


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