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  1. 2018
  2. KHS101 disrupts energy metabolism in human glioblastoma cells and reduces tumor growth in mice.

    Polson, ES., Kuchler, VB., Abbosh, C., Ross, EM., Mathew, RK., Beard, HA., da Silva, B., Holding, AN., Ballereau, S., Chuntharpursat-Bon, E., Williams, J., Griffiths, HBS., Shao, H., Patel, A., Davies, AJ., Droop, A., Chumas, P., Short, SC., Lorger, M., Gestwicki, JE. & 6 others, Roberts, LD., Bon, RS., Allison, SJ., Zhu, S., Markowetz, F. & Wurdak, H., 15 Aug 2018

    Article in Science Translational Medicine

  3. 2014
  4. 2013
  5. 2009
  6. 2008
  7. JNK2-dependent regulation of SIRT1 protein stability

    Ford, J., Ahmed, S., Allison, S. J., Jiang, M. & Milner, J., 1 Oct 2008

    Article in Cell cycle

  8. 2007
  9. Decay path measurements for the 2.429 MeV state in Be-9: Implications for the astrophysical alpha+alpha+n reaction

    Papka, P., Brown, T. A. D., Fulton, B. R., Watson, D. L., Fox, S. P., Groombridge, D., Freer, M., Clarke, N. M., Ashwood, N. I., Curtis, N., Ziman, V., McEwan, P., Ahmed, S., Catford, W. N., Mahboub, D., Timis, C. N., Baldwin, T. D. & Weisser, D. C., Apr 2007

    Article in Physical Review C

  10. 2006
  11. Be-8+C-14 break-up of Ne-22

    Freer, M., Ahmed, S., Ashwood, N. I., Clarke, N. M., Curtis, N., Metelko, C. J., Yildiz, S., Ziman, V. A., Soic, N., Novatski, B., Sakuta, S., Orr, N. A., Fulton, B. R. & Pitkin, R., Nov 2006

    Article in Journal of physics g-Nuclear and particle physics

  12. 1997