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  1. Centromere anatomy in the multidrug-resistant pathogen Enterococcus faecium

    Derome, A., Hoischen, C., Bussiek, M., Grady, R., Adamczyk, M., Kedzierska, B., Diekmann, S., Barilla, D. & Hayes, F., 12 Feb 2008

    Article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

  2. Challenges in microbial ecology: building predictive understanding of community function and dynamics

    Chong, J. P. J., Widder, S., Allen, R. J., Pfeiffer, T., Curtis, T. P., Wiuf, C., Sloan, W. T., Cordero, O. X., Brown, S. P., Momeni, B., Shou, W., Kettle, H., Flint, H. J., Haas, A. F., Laroche, B., Kreft, J-U., Rainey, P. B., Freilich, S., Schuster, S., Milferstedt, K. & 11 others, van der Meer, J. R., Grosskopf, T., Huisman, J., Free, A., Picioreanu, C., Quince, C., Klapper, I., Labarthe, S., Smets, B. F., Wang, H. & Soyer, O. S., 29 Mar 2016

    Literature review in The ISME Journal

  3. Changes in auxin response from mutations in an AUX/IAA gene

    Rouse, D., Mackay, P., Stirnberg, P., Estelle, M. & Leyser, O., 27 Feb 1998

    Article in Science