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  2. An introduction to interactive sonification

    Hermann, T. & Hunt, A., Apr 2005

    Article in IEEE Multimedia

  3. Analysing and Understanding the Singing Voice: Recent Progress and Open Questions

    Kob, M., Henrich, N., Herzel, H., Howard, D., Tokuda, I. & Wolfe, J., Sep 2011

    Article in Current bioinformatics

  4. Angular distribution of field emitted electrons from vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays

    El Gomati, M. M., Iacobucci, S., Fratini, M., Rizzo, A., Scarinci, F., Zhang, Y., Mann, M., Li, C., Milne, W. I., Lagomarsino, S. & Stefani, G., 2 Feb 2012

    Article in Applied Physics Letters

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