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  3. 160 GHz harmonic mode-locked AlGaInAs 1.55 mu m strained quantum-well compound-cavity laser

    Hou, L., Haji, M., Dylewicz, R., Stolarz, P., Qiu, B., Avrutin, E. A. & Bryce, A. C., 1 Dec 2010

    Article in Optics Letters

  4. A New Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Home Monitoring Device for Parkinson’s Dyskinesia

    Lones, M. A., Alty, J. E., Cosgrove, J., Duggan-Carter, P., Jamieson, S., Naylor, R. F., Turner, A. J. & Smith, S. L., 1 Nov 2017

    Article in Journal of medical systems

  5. A Video Database for the Development of Stereo-3D Post-Production Algorithms

    Corrigan, D., Pitea, F., Gorzel, M., Kearney, G. C., Morris, V., Rankin, A., Linnane, M., O' Dea, M., Lee, C. & Kokaram, A., 14 Jan 2014

    Article in Journal for Virtual Reality and Broadcasting

  6. A combined AES, resonant photoemission and EELS study of in-situ grown titanium nitride

    Walker, C. G. H., Anderson, C. A., McKinley, A., Brown, N. M. D. & Joyce, A. M., 10 Jul 1997

    Article in Surface Science

  7. A manufacturable miniature electron beam column

    Spallas, J. P., Silver, C. S., Muray, L. P., Wells, T. & El-Gomati, M., Sep 2006

    Article in Microelectronic Engineering

  8. A meta-analysis of Hodgkin lymphoma reveals 19p13.3 TCF3 as a novel susceptibility locus

    Cozen, W., Timofeeva, M. N., Diepstra, A., Hazelett, D., Delahaye-Sourdeix, M., Edlund, C. K., Franke, L., Rostgaard, K., Van Den Berg, D. J., Cortessis, V. K., Smedby, K. E., Glaser, S. L., Westra, H. J., Robison, L. L., Mack, T. M., Ghesquieres, H., Hwang, A. E., Nieters, A., De Sanjose, S., Lightfoot, T. & 46 others, Becker, N., Maynadie, M., Foretova, L., Roman, E., Benavente, Y., Rand, K. A., Nathwani, B. N., Glimelius, B., Staines, A., Boffetta, P., Link, B. K., Kiemeney, L., Ansell, S. M., Bhatia, S., Strong, L. C., Galan, P., Vatten, L., Habermann, T. M., Duell, E. J., Lake, A., Veenstra, R. N., Visser, L., Liu, Y., Urayama, K. Y., Montgomery, D., Gaborieau, V., Weiss, L. M., Byrnes, G., Lathrop, M., Cocco, P., Best, T., Skol, A. D., Adami, H. O., Melbye, M., Cerhan, J. R., Gallagher, A., Taylor, G. M., Slager, S. L., Brennan, P., Coetzee, G. A., Conti, D. V., Onel, K., Jarrett, R. F., Hjalgrim, H., Van Den Berg, A. & McKay, J. D., 12 Jun 2014

    Article in Nature Communications

  9. A review of X-ray laser development at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

    Tallents, G. J., Edwards, M., King, R., Pert, G. J., Guilbaud, O., Clarke, R., Abou-Ali, Y., Pestehe, S. J., Strati, F., Lewis, C. L. S., Keenan, R., Topping, S., Klisnick, A., Ros, D., Notley, M. & Neely, D., Jun 2002

    Article in Laser and Particle Beams

  10. A review of plasma boundary phenomena in the mega ampere spherical tokamak

    Counsell, G. F., Ahn, J. W., Akers, R., Arends, E., Fielding, S. J., Helander, P., Kirk, A., Meyer, H., Tabasso, A., Wilson, H. & Yang, Y., Mar 2003

    Article in Journal of Nuclear Materials

  11. A silicon metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor Hall bar for scanning Hall probe microscopy

    Yamaguchi, A., Saito, H., Shimizu, M., Miyajima, H., Matsumoto, S., Nakamura, Y. & Hirohata, A., Aug 2008

    Article in Review of Scientific Instruments

  12. A study on spin wave resonance in patterned trilayer films

    Zhai, Y., Zhang, D., Zhang, Y., Shi, J., Wong, PKJ., Niu, DX., Li, GD., Xu, YB. & Zhai, HR., 1 May 2007

    Article in Journal of Applied Physics

  13. AGATA-Advanced GAmma Tracking Array

    Akkoyun, S., Algora, A., Alikhani, B., Ameil, F., de Angelis, G., Arnold, L., Astier, A., Atac, A., Aubert, Y., Aufranc, C., Austin, A., Aydin, S., Azaiez, F., Badoer, S., Balabanski, D. L., Barrientos, D., Baulieu, G., Baumann, R., Bazzacco, D., Beck, F. A. & 31 others, Beck, T., Bednarczyk, P., Bellato, M., Bentley, M. A., Benzoni, G., Berthier, R., Berti, L., Beunard, R., Lo Bianco, G., Birkenbach, B., Bizzeti, P. G., Bizzeti-Sona, A. M., Le Blanc, F., Blasco, J. M., Blasi, N., Bloor, D., Boiano, C., Borsato, M., Bortolato, D., Boston, A. J., Boston, H. C., Bourgault, P., Boutachkov, P., Bouty, A., Bracco, A., Brambilla, S., Brawn, I. P., Brondi, A., Joshi, P., Wadsworth, R. & AGATA Adv GAmma Tracking Array, 11 Mar 2012

    Article in Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research section a-Accelerators spectrometers detectors and associated equipment

  14. Abashian-Booth-Crowe resonance structure in the double pionic fusion to 4He

    Adlarson, P., Augustyniak, W., Bardan, W., Bashkanov, M., Bednarski, T., Bergmann, F. S., Berłowski, M., Bhatt, H., Brinkmann, K. T., Büscher, M., Calén, H., Clement, H., Coderre, D., Czerwiński, E., Demmich, K., Doroshkevich, E., Engels, R., Erven, W., Eyrich, W., Fedorets, P. & 87 others, Föhl, K., Fransson, K., Goldenbaum, F., Goslawski, P., Grigoryev, K., Gullström, C. O., Hauenstein, F., Heijkenskjöld, L., Hejny, V., Hinterberger, F., Hodana, M., Höistad, B., Husmann, C., Jany, A., Jany, B. R., Jarczyk, L., Johansson, T., Kamys, B., Kemmerling, G., Khoukaz, A., Kistryn, S., Klaja, J., Kleines, H., Kłos, B., Krzemień, W., Kulessa, P., Kupć, A., Lalwani, K., Lersch, D., Lorentz, B., Magiera, A., Maier, R., Marciniewski, P., Mariański, B., Mikirtychiants, M., Morsch, H. P., Moskal, P., Nandi, B. K., Niedwiecki, S., Ohm, H., Ozerianska, I., Pauly, C., Perez Del Rio, E., Petukhov, Y., Pluciński, P., Podkopał, P., Prasuhn, D., Pricking, A., Pszczel, D., Pysz, K., Pyszniak, A., Redmer, C. F., Ritman, J., Rudy, Z., Sawant, S., Schadmand, S., Schmidt, A., Serdyuk, V., Siudak, R., Skorodko, T., Skurzok, M., Smyrski, J., Sopov, V., Stassen, R., Stepaniak, J., Sterzenbach, G., Stockhorst, H., Ströher, H., Szczurek, A., Tolba, T., Trzciński, A., Varma, R., Vlasov, P., Wagner, G. J., Wȩglorz, W., Wolke, M., Wrońska, A., Wüstner, P., Wurm, P., Yamamoto, A., Yuan, X., Yurev, L., Zabierowski, J., Zieliński, M. J., Zipper, W., Złomańczuk, J. & Zuprański, P., 7 Sep 2012

    Article in Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

  15. Advances in artificial immune systems

    Hart, E., McEwan, C., Timmis, J. & Hone, A., 2011

    Article in Evolutionary Intelligence

  16. Aerial base stations with opportunistic links for next generation emergency communications

    Gomez, K., Sithamparanathan, K., Vidal, M., Boussemart, V., Ramos, R., Hermenier, R., Rasheed, T., Goratti, L., Grace, D., Zhao, Q., Han, Y., Rehan Sarria, S., Morozs, N., Jiang, T., Bucaille, I., Charpentier, P., Wirth, T., Campo, R. & Javornik, T., 19 Apr 2016

    Article in Ieee communications magazine

  17. AlGaAs hot-electron optical modulator

    Ryvkin, B. S., Walker, A. C. & Avrutin, E. A., 25 Sep 2000

    Article in Applied Physics Letters

  18. All-inorganic perovskite-based distributed feedback resonator

    Gong, J., Wang, Y., Liu, S., Zeng, P., Yang, X., Liang, R., Ou, Q., Wu, X. & Zhang, S., 27 Nov 2017

    Article in Optics Express

  19. Amorphous alloys as secondary standards for electron spin polarimetry

    Seddon, E. A., Malins, A. E. R., Petty, M., Crapper, M. D., Wardell, I. R. M., Hide, A. K., Hardiman, M., Xu, Y. B., Hucknall, P., Greig, D., Clowes, S. & McCash, E. M., Apr 1999

    Article in Measurement Science and Technology

  20. An estimate of the electron effective mass in titanium nitride using UPS and EELS

    Walker, C. G. H., Matthew, J. A. D., Anderson, C. A. & Brown, N. M. D., 3 Sep 1998

    Article in Surface Science

  21. An introduction to interactive sonification

    Hermann, T. & Hunt, A., Apr 2005

    Article in IEEE Multimedia

  22. Analysing and Understanding the Singing Voice: Recent Progress and Open Questions

    Kob, M., Henrich, N., Herzel, H., Howard, D., Tokuda, I. & Wolfe, J., Sep 2011

    Article in Current bioinformatics

  23. Angular distribution of field emitted electrons from vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays

    El Gomati, M. M., Iacobucci, S., Fratini, M., Rizzo, A., Scarinci, F., Zhang, Y., Mann, M., Li, C., Milne, W. I., Lagomarsino, S. & Stefani, G., 2 Feb 2012

    Article in Applied Physics Letters

  24. Anisotropy of ultrathin epitaxial Fe3O4 films on GaAs(100)

    Zhai, Y., Huang, Z. C., Fu, Y., Ni, C., Lu, Y. X., Xu, Y. B., Wu, J. & Zhai, H. R., 1 May 2007

    Article in Journal of Applied Physics

  25. Anomalous sudden commencement on March 24, 1994

    Araki, T., Fujitani, S., Emoto, M., Yumoto, K., Shiokawa, K., Ichinose, T., Luehr, H., Orr, D., Milling, D. K., Singer, H., Rostoker, G., Tsunomura, S., Yamada, Y. & Liu, C. F., 1 Jul 1997

    Article in Journal of geophysical research-Space physics

  26. Are real-time displays of benefit in the singing studio? An exploratory study

    Howard, D. M., Brereton, J., Welch, G. F., Himonides, E., DeCosta, M., Williams, J. & Howard, A. W., 1 Jan 2007

    Article in Journal of Voice

  27. Atomic interfacial structures in Fe/GaAs films

    Fleet, L. R., Kobayashi, H., Ohno, Y. & Hirohata, A., Oct 2011

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

  28. Atomic-Scale Interfacial Magnetism in Fe/Graphene Heterojunction

    Liu, W. Q., Wang, W. Y., Wang, J. J., Wang, F. Q., Lu, C., Jin, F., Zhang, A., Zhang, Q. M., van der Laan, G., Xu, Y. B., Li, Q. X. & Zhang, R., 6 Jul 2015

    Article in Scientific Reports

  29. Atomic-Scale Magnetism of Cr-Doped Bi2Se3 Thin Film Topological Insulators

    Liu, W., West, D., He, L., Xu, Y., Liu, J., Wang, K., Wang, Y., van der Laan, G., Zhang, R., Zhang, S. & Wang, K. L., 8 Sep 2015

    Article in ACS Nano

  30. Auditory Localization in Low-Bitrate Compressed Ambisonic Scenes

    Rudzki, T., Gomez-Lanzaco, I., Stubbs, J., Skoglund, J., Murphy, D. T. & Kearney, G. C., 28 Jun 2019

    Article in Applied Sciences

  31. Auger parameter studies of amorphous CuHf alloys

    Walker, C. G. H., Morton, S. A., Beamson, G., Matthew, J. A. D. & Yousif, F. N., 10 Nov 1994


  32. B2 Atomic Disorder in Co2FeXMn1-XSi Heusler Alloys

    Hasnip, P. J., Loach, C. H., Smith, J. H., Probert, M. I. J., Gilks, D., Sizeland, J., Yoshida, K., Oogane, M., Hirohata, A. & Lazarov, V., 2014

    Article in Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan

  33. BODIPY-thiophene copolymers as p-channel semiconductors for organic thin-film transistors

    Usta, H., Yilmaz, M. D., Avestro, A-J., Boudinet, D., Denti, M., Zhao, W., Stoddart, J. F. & Facchetti, A., 21 Aug 2013

    Article in Advanced Materials

  34. Benzenethiol adsorption on Au(111) studied by synchrotron ARUPS, HREELS and XPS

    Whelan, C. M., Barnes, C. J., Walker, C. G. H. & Brown, N. M. D., 20 Apr 1999

    Article in Surface Science

  35. Biomineralization of a titanium-modified hydroxyapatite semiconductor on conductive wool fibers

    Adamiano, A., Sangiorgi, N., Sprio, S., Ruffini, A., Sandri, M., Sanson, A., Gras, P., Grossin, D., Francès, C., Chatzipanagis, K., Bilton, M., Marzec, B., Varesano, A., Meldrum, F., Kröger, R. & Tampieri, A., 2017

    Article in Journal of Materials Chemistry B

  36. Branching ratios in the beta decays of N-12 and B-12

    Hyldegaard, S., Diget, C. A., Borge, M. J. G., Boutami, R., Dendooven, P., Eronen, T., Fox, S. P., Fraile, L. M., Fulton, B. R., Fynbo, H. O. U., Huikari, J., Jeppesen, H. B., Jokinen, A. S., Jonson, B., Kankainen, A., Moore, I., Nyman, G., Penttila, H., Perajarvi, K., Riisager, K. & 5 others, Rinta-Antila, S., Tengblad, O., Wang, Y., Wilhelmsen, K. & Aysto, J., 7 Oct 2009

    Article in Physical Review C

  37. Broadband ferromagnetic resonance of Ni81Fe19 wires using a rectifying effect

    Yamaguchi, A., Motoi, K., Hirohata, A., Miyajima, H., Miyashita, Y. & Sanada, Y., 2 Sep 2008

    Article in Physical Review B

  38. Changes in EMG coherence between long and short thumb abductor muscles during human development

    Farmer, S. F., Gibbs, J., Halliday, D. M., Harrison, L. M., James, L. M., Mayston, M. J. & Stephens, J. A., 1 Mar 2007

    Article in Journal of Physiology

  39. Coexistence of gamma and high-frequency oscillations in rat medial entorhinal cortex in vitro

    Cunningham, M. O., Halliday, D. M., Davies, C. H., Traub, R. D., Buhl, E. H. & Whittington, M. A., 1 Sep 2004

    Article in Journal of Physiology

  40. Coexistence of gamma and high-frequency oscillations in the medial entorhinal cortex in vitro

    Cunningham, M. O., Halliday, D. M., Davies, C. H., Traub, R. D., Buhl, E. H. & M.A., W., 2004

    Article in Journal of Physiology

  41. Cognitive effects on the walk-run transition during locomotion

    Pelah, A., Chambers, D. P., d'Arch-Smith, C., Cameron, J. I., Lee, C-H. & Lasenby, J., 2006

    Article in Perception

  42. Coherence between low-frequency activation of the motor cortex and tremor in patients with essential tremor

    Halliday, D. M., Conway, B. A., Farmer, S. F., Shahani, U., Russell, A. & Rosenberg, J. R., 2000

    Article in The Lancet

  43. Coherent cortical and muscle discharge in cortical myoclonus

    Brown, P., Farmer, S. F., Halliday, D. M., Marsden, J. & Rosenberg, J. R., 1999

    Article in Brain

  44. Collective cyclotron modes in high-mobility two-dimensional hole systems in GaAs-(Ga,Al)As heterojunctions .1. Experiments at low magnetic fields and theory

    Cole, B. E., Peeters, F. M., Ardavan, A., Hill, S. O., Singleton, J., Batty, W., Chamberlain, J. M., Polisskii, A., Henini, M. & Cheng, T., 14 Apr 1997

    Article in Journal of physics : Condensed matter

  45. Collisionless shockwave generation in counter-streaming plasmas using Gekko XII HIPER laser

    Ide, T., Tanji, H., Sakawa, Y., Kuramitsu, Y., Kato, T., Takabe, H., Morita, T., Nishio, K., Ohnishi, N., Gregory, C. D., Woolsey, N., Diziere, A., Koenig, M., Wang, S., Dong, Q. & Li, Y., 1 Jan 2011

    Article in Plasma and Fusion Research

  46. Commissioning the DRAGON facility at ISAC

    Engel, S., Hutcheon, D., Bishop, S., Buchmann, L., Caggiano, J., Chatterjee, M. L., Chen, A. A., D'Auria, J., Gigliotti, D., Greife, U., Hunter, D., Hussein, A., Jewett, C. C., Laird, A. M., Lamey, M., Liu, W., Olin, A., Ottewell, D., Pearson, J., Ruiz, C. & 4 others, Ruprecht, G., Trinczek, M., Vockenhuber, C. & Wrede, C., 21 Nov 2005

    Article in Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research section a-Accelerators spectrometers detectors and associated equipment

  47. Comparisons of box model calculations and measurements of formaldehyde from the 1997 North Atlantic Regional Experiment

    Frost, G. J., Fried, A., Lee, Y. N., Wert, B., Henry, B., Drummond, J. R., Evans, M. J., Fehsenfeld, F. C., Goldan, P. D., Holloway, J. S., Hübler, G., Jakoubek, R., Jobson, B. T., Knapp, K., Kuster, W. C., Roberts, J., Rudolph, J., Ryerson, T. B., Stohl, A., Stroud, C. & 3 others, Sueper, D. T., Trainer, M. & Williams, J., 1 Jan 2002

    Article in Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres

  48. Component manipulated magnetic anisotropy and damping in Heusler-like compound Co2+xFe1-xAl

    Chen, Z., Ruan, X., Liu, B., Yang, L., Wu, J., Gao, C., Meng, H., He, L., Zhang, R. & Xu, Y., 3 Jan 2019

    Article in Journal of Physics Condensed Matter

  49. Computational Models of the NF-KB Signalling Pathway

    Williams, R. A., Timmis, J. & Qwarnstrom, E., 29 Sep 2014

    Article in Computation

  50. Controllable transport of a skyrmion in a ferromagnetic narrow channel with voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy

    Wang, J., Xia, J., Zhang, X., Zhao, G. P., Ye, L., Wu, J., Xu, Y., Zhao, W., Zou, Z. & Zhou, Y., 25 Apr 2018

    Article in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

  51. Controlling free-carrier temporal effects in silicon by dispersion engineering

    Blanco-Redondo, A., Eades, D., Li, J., Lefrancois, S., Krauss, T. F., Eggleton, B. J. & Husko, C., 30 Oct 2014

    Article in Optica

  52. Controlling the growth of carbon nanotubes for electronic devices

    Mann, M., Zhang, Y., Teo, K. B. K., Wells, T., El Gomati, M. M. & Milne, W. I., May 2010

    Article in Microelectronic Engineering

  53. Correlations between atomic structure and giant magnetoresistance ratio in Co2 (Fe,Mn)Si spin valves

    Lari, L., Yoshida, K., Galindo, P. L., Sato, J., Sizeland, J., Gilks, D., Uddin, G. M., Nedelkoski, Z., Hasnip, P. J., Hirohata, A., Oogane, M., Ando, Y. & Lazarov, V. K., 13 Aug 2014

    Article in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

  54. Coupled cavity DQW semiconductor lasers

    Serpenguzel, A., Sagol, BE., Avrutin, EA., De la Rue, RM., Laybourn, PJR. & Stanley, CR., 2000

    Article in Materials Science and Engineering (B)

  55. Creating the Sydney York morphological and acoustic recordings of ears database

    Jin, C. T., Guillon, P., Epain, N., Zolfaghari, R., van Schaik, A., Tew, A. I., Hetherington, C. & Thorpe, J., Jan 2014

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia

  56. Current manipulation of a vortex confined in a micron-sized Fe19Ni81 disk

    Yamaguchi, A., Motoi, K., Miyajima, H., Hirohata, A., Yamaoka, T., Uchiyama, T. & Utsumi, Y., 21 Sep 2009

    Article in Applied Physics Letters


    Andersen, E., Barnes, P. D., Castano, B., Cherney, M., Cohler, M., Delacruz, B., Diebold, G. E., Dulny, B., Fernandez, C., Franklin, G., Fruhwirth, R., Garabatos, C., Garzon, J. A., Geist, W. M., Gomez, A., Greiner, D., Gruhn, C., Hafidouni, M., Hrubec, J., Jones, P. G. & 30 others, Judd, E., Kuipers, J. P. M., Deguevara, P. L., Ladrem, M., Liko, D., Lopezponte, S., Lovhoiden, G., MacNaughton, J., Michalon, A., Michalonmentzer, M. E., Mosquera, J., Natkaniec, Z., Nelson, J. M., Neuhofer, G., Delosheros, C. P., Plo, M., Porth, P., Powell, B., Quinn, B., Ramil, A., Regler, M., Rohringer, H., Sakrejda, I., Schumacher, R., Stampfer, D., Thorsteinsen, T., Traxler, J., Yanez, A., Yepes, P. & Zybert, R., 15 Feb 1991

    Article in Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research section a-Accelerators spectrometers detectors and associated equipment

  58. Decay of a narrow and high spin Mg +Mg resonance

    Salsac, M-D., Haas, F., Courtin, S., Algora, A., Beck, C., Beghini, S., Behera, B. R., Chapman, R., Corradi, L., Dombradi, Z., Farnea, E., Fioretto, E., Gadea, A., Jenkins, D. G., Latina, A., Lebhertz, D., Lenzi, S., Liang, X., Marginean, N., Montagnoli, G. & 16 others, Napoli, D., Papka, P., Pokrovski, I., Pollarolo, G., Rousseau, M., Sahin, E., Sanchez i Zafra, A., Scarlassara, F., Sohler, D., Stefanini, A. M., Szilner, S., Trotta, M., Ur, C., Vedova, F. D., Wang, Z. M. & Wiedemann, K. T., 1 Mar 2008

    Article in Nuclear Physics A

  59. Deep Learning-Based Detector for OFDM-IM

    Luong, T. V., Ko, Y., Vien, N. A., Nguyen, D. H. N. & Matthaiou, M., Apr 2019

    Article in IEEE wireless communications letters

  60. Depinning of domain walls in permalloy nanowires with asymmetric notches

    Gao, Y., Ruan, X., You, B., LIU, Y. M., Lin, H-Y., F. Zhan, Q., Wu, J., Xu, Y. & Du, J., 7 Sep 2016

    Article in Scientific Reports

  61. Depinning of vortex domain walls from an asymmetric notch in a permalloy nanowire

    Zhu, W., Liao, J., Zhang, Z., Ma, B., Jin, Q. Y., Liu, Y., Huang, Z., Hu, X., Ding, A., Wu, J. & Xu, Y., 20 Aug 2012

    Article in Applied Physics Letters

  62. Designing and Implementing Future Aerial Communication Networks

    Sathyanarayanan, C., Gomez, K., Al-Hourani, A., Sithamparanathan, K., Rasheed, T., Goratti, L., Reynaud, L., Grace, D., Bucaille, I., Wirth, T. & Allsop, S., May 2016

    Article in Ieee communications magazine

  63. Detailed spectroscopy of the chiral-twin candidate bands in 136Pm

    Hartley, D. J., Riedinger, L. L., Riley, M. A., Balabanski, D. L., Kondev, F. G., Laird, R. W., Pfohl, J., Archer, D. E., Brown, T. B., Clark, R. M., Devlin, M., Fallon, P., Hibbert, I. M., Joss, D. T., LaFosse, D. R., Nolan, P. J., O'Brien, N. J., Paul, E. S., Sarantites, D. G., Sheline, R. K. & 6 others, Shepherd, S. L., Simpson, J., Wadsworth, R., Zhang, J. Y., Semmes, P. B. & Dönau, F., 1 Jan 2001

    Article in Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

  64. Detailed studies of the density of states of amorphous NbSi obtained by synchrotron radiation photoemission

    Hucknall, P. K., Walker, C. G. H., Greig, D., Matthew, J. A. D., Norman, D. & Turton, J., 1 Dec 1992

    Article in Journal of physics : Condensed matter

  65. Deuteron microprobe analysis of carbon in the transition region between SiC and Si nanostructures grown on Si

    Markwitz, A., Johnson, S. D., Rudolphi, M., Finet, V., Kennedy, J., Barry, B. & Trompetter, W., Jul 2007


  66. Dielectric imaging - an alternative to X-ray mammography?

    Preece, A. W., Robinson, M. P., Green, J. L. & Horrocks, M., 1991

    Article in Br J Cancer.

  67. Differential RET Signaling Pathways Drive Development of the Enteric Lymphoid and Nervous Systems

    Patel, A., Harker, N., Moreira-Santos, L., Alden, K. J., Timmis, J., Foster, K., Andrews, PAUL. S., Pachnis, P., Garefalaki, A., Coles, M. C., Enomoto, H., Milbrandt, J., Pachnis, V., Kioussis, D. & Veiga-Fernandes, H., 31 Jul 2012

    Article in Science Signaling

  68. Direct Detection of Low-Energy Electrons With a Novel CMOS APS Sensor

    Zha, X., El-Gomati, M. M., Chen, L., Walker, C., Clark, A. T., Turchetta, R. & El Gomati, M. M., 18 Dec 2012

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices

  69. Direct evidence of spin polarization oscillations in the Cu layers of Fe/Cu multilayers observed by NMR

    Jin, Q. Y., Xu, Y., Zhai, H. R., Hu, C., Lu, M., Bie, Q. S., Dunifer, G. L., Naik, R. & Ahmad, M., Jan 1994

    Article in Physical Review Letters

  70. Direct observation of a bulklike spin moment at the Fe/GaAs(100)-4x6 interface

    Claydon, J. S., Xu, Y. B., Tselepi, M., Bland, J. A. C. & Laan, G. V. D., 16 Jul 2004

    Article in Physical Review Letters

  71. Directed surface attachment of nanomaterials via coiled-coil-driven self-assembly

    White, S., Johnson, S. D., Szymonik, M., Wardingley, R., Pye, D., Davies, A. G., Walti, C. & Stockley, P. G., 14 Dec 2012

    Article in Nanotechnology

  72. Discontinuous properties of current-induced magnetic domain wall depinning

    Hu, X. F., Wu, J., Niu, D. X., Chen, L., Morton, S. A., Scholl, A., Huang, Z. C., Zhai, Y., Zhang, W., Will, I., Xu, Y. B., Zhang, R. & van der Laan, G., 2013

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  73. Discovery of 68Br in secondary reactions of radioactive beams

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