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  1. 1998
  2. First observation of excited states in 184Pb: Spectroscopy beyond the neutron mid-shell

    Cocks, J. F. C., Muikku, M., Korten, W., Wadsworth, R., Chmel, S., Domscheit, J., Greenlees, P. T., Helariutta, K., Hibbert, I., Houry, M., Jenkins, D., Jones, P., Julin, R., Juutinen, S., Kankaanpää, H., Kettunen, H., Kuusiniemi, P., Leino, M., Le Coz, Y., Lucas, R. & 4 others, Mergel, E., Page, R. D., Savelius, A. & Trzaska, W., 1 Jan 1998

    Article in European Physical Journal A

  3. 1997
  4. Studies of isomeric states and limits of particle stability around N∼Z∼40 using fragmentation reactions

    Regan, P. M., Chandler, C., Pearson, C. J., Blank, B., Grzywacz, R., Lewitowicz, M., Bruce, A. M., Catford, W. N., Curtis, N., Czajkowski, S., Dessagne, P., Fleury, A., Gelletly, W., Giovinazzo, J., Janas, Z., Longour, C., Marchand, C., Miehe, C., Orr, N. A., Page, R. D. & 7 others, Pravikoff, M. S., Reed, A. T., Saint-Laurent, M. G., Vincent, S. M., Wadsworth, R., Warner, D. D. & Winfield, J. S., 1 Dec 1997

    Article in Acta Physica Polonica B

  5. The composition dependence of the electronic properties of CuHf and CuZr amorphous metals

    Walker, C. G. H., Morton, S. A., Hucknall, P. K., Greig, D., Matthew, J. A. D. & Norman, D., 13 Oct 1997

    Article in Journal of physics : Condensed matter

  6. A combined AES, resonant photoemission and EELS study of in-situ grown titanium nitride

    Walker, C. G. H., Anderson, C. A., McKinley, A., Brown, N. M. D. & Joyce, A. M., 10 Jul 1997

    Article in Surface Science

  7. Anomalous sudden commencement on March 24, 1994

    Araki, T., Fujitani, S., Emoto, M., Yumoto, K., Shiokawa, K., Ichinose, T., Luehr, H., Orr, D., Milling, D. K., Singer, H., Rostoker, G., Tsunomura, S., Yamada, Y. & Liu, C. F., 1 Jul 1997

    Article in Journal of geophysical research-Space physics

  8. Spin-resolved photoemission of in situ sputtered iron and iron-yttrium alloys

    Xu, Y. B., Greig, D., Seddon, E. A. & Matthew, J. A. D., 1 May 1997

    Article in Physical Review B

  9. The spin-dependent electronic structure of amorphous magnetic alloys

    Xu, Y. B., Greig, D., Mitchell, A. L., Seddon, E. A. & Matthew, J. A. D., 15 Apr 1997

    Article in Journal of Applied Physics

  10. Collective cyclotron modes in high-mobility two-dimensional hole systems in GaAs-(Ga,Al)As heterojunctions .1. Experiments at low magnetic fields and theory

    Cole, B. E., Peeters, F. M., Ardavan, A., Hill, S. O., Singleton, J., Batty, W., Chamberlain, J. M., Polisskii, A., Henini, M. & Cheng, T., 14 Apr 1997

    Article in Journal of physics : Condensed matter

  11. 1996