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  1. 2014
  2. Solid phase synthesis of functionalised SAM- forming alkanethiol–oligoethyleneglycols

    Murray, J., Nowak, D., Pukenas, L., Azhar, R., Guilorit, M., Walti, C., Critchley, K., Johnson, S. D. & Bon, R., 2014

    Article in Journal of Materials Chemistry B

  3. Spin-Polarised Electron Transport across an Abrupt or Partially Intermixed Fe/GaAs(001) Interface

    Hirohata, A., Fleet, L. R., Yoshida, K., Kobayashi, H., Kaneko, Y., Ohno, Y., Honda, S., Inoue, J. & Ohno, H., 2014

    Article in Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan

  4. The effect of cobalt-sublattice disorder on spin polarisation in CoFeMnSi heusler alloys

    Hasnip, P. J., Loach, C. H., Smith, J. H., Probert, M. I. J., Gilks, D., Sizeland, J., Lari, L., Sagar, J., Yoshida, K., Oogane, M., Hirohata, A. & Lazarov, V. K., 2014

    Article in Materials

  5. 2013
  6. Fast learning neural networks using Cartesian genetic programming

    Khan, M. M., Ahmad, A. M., Khan, G. M. & Miller, J. F., 9 Dec 2013

    Article in Neurocomputing

  7. Observed and predicted effects of climate change on species abundance in protected areas

    Johnston, A., Ausden, M., Dodd, A. M., Bradbury, R. B., Chamberlain, D. E., Jiguet, F., Thomas, C. D., Cook, A. S. C. P., Newson, S. E., Ockendon, N., Rehfisch, M. M., Roos, S., Thaxter, C. B., Brown, A., Crick, H. Q. P., Douse, A., McCall, R. A., Pontier, H., Stroud, D. A., Cadiou, B. & 4 others, Crowe, O., Deceuninck, B., Hornman, M. & Pearce-Higgins, J. W., Dec 2013

    Article in Nature Climate Change

  8. Improved understanding of physics processes in pedestal structure, leading to improved predictive capability for ITER

    Groebner, R. J., Chang, C. S., Hughes, J. W., Maingi, R., Snyder, P. B., Xu, X. Q., Boedo, J. A., Boyle, D. P., Callen, J. D., Canik, J. M., Cziegler, I., Davis, E. M., Diallo, A., Diamond, P. H., Elder, J. D., Eldon, D. P., Ernst, D. R., Fulton, D. P., Landreman, M., Leonard, A. W. & 44 others, Lore, J. D., Osborne, T. H., Pankin, A. Y., Parker, S. E., Rhodes, T. L., Smith, S. P., Sontag, A. C., Stacey, W. M., Walk, J., Wan, W., Wang, E. H. J., Watkins, J. G., White, A. E., Whyte, D. G., Yan, Z., Belli, E. A., Bray, B. D., Candy, J., Churchill, R. M., Deterly, T. M., Doyle, E. J., Fenstermacher, M. E., Ferraro, N. M., Hubbard, A. E., Joseph, I., Kinsey, J. E., Labombard, B., Lasnier, C. J., Lin, Z., Lipschultz, B. L., Liu, C., Ma, Y., McKee, G. R., Ponce, D. M., Rost, J. C., Schmitz, L., Staebler, G. M., Sugiyama, L. E., Terry, J. L., Umansky, M. V., Waltz, R. E., Wolfe, S. M., Zeng, L. & Zweben, S. J., 1 Sep 2013

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  9. BODIPY-thiophene copolymers as p-channel semiconductors for organic thin-film transistors

    Usta, H., Yilmaz, M. D., Avestro, A-J., Boudinet, D., Denti, M., Zhao, W., Stoddart, J. F. & Facchetti, A., 21 Aug 2013

    Article in Advanced Materials

  10. Observation of current-driven oscillatory domain wall motion in Ni80Fe20/Co bilayer nanowire

    Zhang, W., Wong, P. K. J., Yan, P., Wu, J., Morton, S. A., Wang, X. R., Hu, X., Xu, Y., Scholl, A., Young, A., Barsukov, I., Farle, M. & van der Laan, G., 22 Jul 2013

    Article in Applied Physics Letters

  11. Ferromagnetic interfacial interaction and the proximity effect in a Co 2FeAl/(Ga,Mn)As Bilayer

    Nie, S. H., Chin, Y. Y., Liu, W. Q., Tung, J. C., Lu, J., Lin, H. J., Guo, G. Y., Meng, K. K., Chen, L., Zhu, L. J., Pan, D., Chen, C. T., Xu, Y. B., Yan, W. S. & Zhao, J. H., 9 Jul 2013

    Article in Physical Review Letters

  12. The Receptor Density Algorithm

    Owens, N., Greensted, A. J., Timmis, J. & Tyrrell, A., 15 Apr 2013

    Article in Theoretical Computer Science

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