Single-world theory of the extended Wigner's world experiment

Research output: Working paper


Frauchiger and Renner have recently claimed to prove that "Single-world interpretations of quantum theory cannot be self-consistent". This is contradicted by a construction due to Bell, inspired by Bohmian mechanics, which shows that any quantum system can be modelled in such a way that there is only one "world" at any time, but the predictions of quantum theory are reproduced. This Bell-Bohmian theory is applied to the experiment proposed by Frauchiger and Renner, and their argument is critically examined. It is concluded that it is their version of "standard quantum theory", incorporating state vector collapse upon measurement, that is not self-consistent.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 20 Aug 2016

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14 pages. The description of the experiment is modified to match Frauchiger and Renner more closely, and the discussion section is expanded


  • quant-ph

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