Social amplification of tree health risk on the media: A comparative analysis for Phytophthora Ramorum and Chalara Fraxinea in the UK

Jones Glyn, E. M. Nogueira, Julia M. Touza

Research output: Other contribution


Interest is growing in the roles that the media plays in disseminating risk and influencing social awareness regarding the threats posed by invasive species. Existing literature often considers surveys to gauge perception of risk events, but this paper examines the role of newspapers in the context of the social amplification of risk to understand how two plant health threats (P. ramorum and Chalara fraxinea) have been portrayed in the media. These two tree diseases were separated by over a decade in terms of their arrival in the UK and this paper considers their temporal spread and the volume and tenor of newspaper articles. There is a clear increase in the volume of articles for the more recent disease and we present a content analysis of the differing coverage between broadsheets and tabloids. We consider how levels of concern reading such threats can translate into Government action.
Original languageEnglish
TypeReport within Future Proofing Plant Health - DEFRA
Number of pages20
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2015

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