Statistical study of the prompt-fission γ -ray spectrum for U 238 (n, f) in the fast-neutron region STATISTICAL STUDY of the PROMPT-FISSION ... L. QI et al.

L. Qi, M. Lebois*, J. N. Wilson, A. Chatillon, S. Courtin, G. Fruet, G. Georgiev, D. G. Jenkins, B. Laurent, L. Le Meur, A. Maj, P. Marini, I. Matea, L. Morris, V. Nanal, P. Napiorkowski, A. Oberstedt, S. Oberstedt, C. Schmitt, O. SerotM. Stanoiu, B. Wasilewska

*Corresponding author for this work

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Prompt-fission γ-ray spectra (PFGS) have been measured for the U238(n,f) reaction using fast neutrons produced by the LICORNE directional neutron source. Fission events were detected with an ionization chamber containing actinide samples placed in the neutron beam, and the coincident prompt-fission γ rays were measured using a number of LaBr3 scintillation detectors and a cluster of nine phoswich detectors from the PARIS array. Prompt-fission γ rays (PFGs) were discriminated from prompt-fission neutrons using the time-of-flight technique over distances of around 35 cm. PFG emission spectra were measured at two incident neutron energies of 1.9 and 4.8 MeV for U238(n,f) and also for Cf252(sf) as a reference. Spectral characteristics of PFG emission, such as mean γ multiplicity and average total γ-ray energy per fission, as well as the average γ-ray energy, were extracted. The sensitivity of these results to the width of the time window and the type of spectral unfolding procedure used to correct for the detector responses was studied. Iteration methods were found to be more stable in low-statistics data sets. The measured values at En=1.9MeV were found to be the mean γ multiplicity Mγ=6.54±0.19, total released energy per fission Eγ,tot=5.25±0.20 MeV, and the average γ-ray energy ϵγ=0.80±0.04 MeV. Under similar conditions, the values at En=4.8MeV were measured to be Mγ=7.31±0.46, Eγ,tot=6.18±0.65 MeV, and ϵγ=0.84±0.11 MeV.

Original languageEnglish
Article number014612
Number of pages10
JournalPhysical Review C
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 20 Jul 2018

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