Strange Hadron Spectroscopy with Secondary KL Beam in Hall D


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We propose to create a secondary beam of neutral kaons in Hall D at Jefferson Lab to be used with the GlueX experimental setup for strange hadron spectroscopy. The superior CEBAF electron beam will enable a flux on the order of $1\times 10^4~K_L/sec$, which exceeds the flux of that previously attained at SLAC by three orders of magnitude. The use of a deuteron target will provide first measurements ever with neutral kaons on neutrons. The experiment will measure both differential cross sections and self-analyzed polarizations of the produced $\Lambda$, $\Sigma$, $\Xi$, and $\Omega$ hyperons using the GlueX detector at the Jefferson Lab Hall D. The measurements will span CM $\cos\theta$ from $-0.95$ to 0.95 in the range W = 1490 MeV to 2500 MeV. The new data will significantly constrain the partial wave analyses and reduce model-dependent uncertainties in the extraction of the properties and pole positions of the strange hyperon resonances, and establish the orbitally excited multiplets in the spectra of the $\Xi$ and $\Omega$ hyperons. Comparison with the corresponding multiplets in the spectra of the charm and bottom hyperons will provide insight into he accuracy of QCD-based calculations over a large range of masses. The proposed facility will have a defining impact in the strange meson sector through measurements of the final state $K\pi$ system up to 2 GeV invariant mass. This will allow the determination of pole positions and widths of all relevant $K^\ast(K\pi)$ $S$-,$P$-,$D$-,$F$-, and $G$-wave resonances, settle the question of the existence or nonexistence of scalar meson $\kappa/K_0^\ast(700)$ and improve the constrains on their pole parameters. Subsequently improving our knowledge of the low-lying scalar nonet in general.
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Publication statusPublished - 19 Aug 2020

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Final version of the KLF Proposal [C12-19-001] approved by JLab PAC48. The intermediate version of the proposal was posted in arXiv:1707.05284 [hep-ex]. 103 pages, 52 figures, 8 tables, 324 references. Several typos were fixed


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