Theory of Designs in Isabelle/UTP

Research output: Working paper


This document describes a mechanisation of the UTP theory of designs in Isabelle/UTP. Designs enrich UTP relations with explicit precondition/postcondition pairs, as present in formal notations like VDM, B, and the refinement calculus. If a program’s precondition holds, then it is guaranteed to terminate and establish its postcondition, which is an approach known as total correctness. If the precondition does not hold, the behaviour is maximally nondeterministic, which represents unspecified behaviour. In this mechanisation, we create the theory of designs, including its alphabet, signature, and healthiness conditions. We then use these to prove the key algebraic laws of programming. This development can be used to support program verification based on total correctness.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages47
Publication statusUnpublished - 6 Apr 2018

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