Alexandra Gwen Smith

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Type of addressPostal address
Postal codeYO10 5DD
CountryUnited Kingdom
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  • Health Sciences
    University of York
    Seebohm Rowntree Building
    YO10 5DD

Phone: (01904) 321884

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Dr. Alexandra Gwen Smith

Senior Research Fellow

  1. 2018
  2. Two high-risk susceptibility loci at 6p25.3 and 14q32.13 for Waldenström macroglobulinemia

    McMaster, M. L. , Berndt, S. I. , Zhang, J. , Slager, S. L. , Li, S. A. , Vajdic, C. M. , Smedby, K. E. , Yan, H. , Birmann, B. M. , Brown, E. E. , Kleinstern, G. , Fansler, M. M. , Mayr, C. , Zhu, B. , Chung, C. C. , Park, J-H. , Burdette, L. , Hicks, B. D. , Hutchinson, A. , Teras, L. R. & 61 others Adami, H-O., Bracci, P. M., McKay, J., Monnereau, A., Link, B. K., Vermeulen, R. C. H., Ansell, S. M., Maria, A., Diver, W. R., Melbye, M., Ojesina, A. I., Kraft, P., Boffetta, P., Clavel, J., Giovannucci, E., Besson, C. M., Canzian, F., Travis, R. C., Vineis, P., Weiderpass, E., Montalvan, R., Wang, Z., Yeager, M., Becker, N., Benavente, Y., Brennan, P., Foretova, L., Maynadie, M., Nieters, A., de Sanjose, S., Staines, A., Conde, L., Riby, J., Glimelius, B., Hjalgrim, H., Pradhan, N., Feldman, A. L., Novak, A. J., Lawrence, C., Bassig, B. A., Lan, Q., Zheng, T., North, K. E., Tinker, L. F., Cozen, W., Severson, R. K., Hofmann, J. N., Zhang, Y., Jackson, R. D., Morton, L. M., Purdue, M. P., Chatterjee, N., Offit, K., Cerhan, J. R., Chanock, S. J., Rothman, N., Vijai, J., Goldin, L. R., Skibola, C. F., Caporaso, N. E. & Smith, A. G., 10 Oct 2018

    Article in Nature Communications

  3. Early platelet count kinetics has prognostic value in lower-risk myelodysplastic syndromes

    Itzykson, R. , Crouch, S. , Travaglino, E. , Symeonidis, A. , Hellström-Lindberg, E. , Sanz, G. , Čermák, J. , Stauder, R. , Elena, C. , Germing, U. , Mittelman, M. , Langemeijer, S. , Mądry, K. , Tatic, A. , Holm, M. S. , Almeida, A. M. , Savic, A. , Šimec, N. G. , Luño, E. , Culligan, D. & 8 others Guerci-Bresler, A., Malcovati, L., van Marrewijk, C., Bowen, D., de Witte, T., Fenaux, P., European MDS Registry members & Smith, A. G., 28 Aug 2018

    Article in Blood Advances

  4. The use of immunosuppressive therapy in MDS: clinical outcomes and their predictors in a large international patient cohort

    Stahl, M. , DeVeaux, M. , de Witte, T. , Neukirchen, J. , Sekeres, M. A. , Brunner, A. M. , Roboz, G. J. , Steensma, D. P. , Bhatt, V. R. , Platzbecker, U. , Cluzeau, T. , Prata, P. H. , Itzykson, R. I. , Fenaux, P. , Fathi, A. T. , Smith, A. G. , Germing, U. , Ritchie, E. K. , Verma, V. , Nazha, A. & 7 others Maciejewski, J. P., Podoltsev, N. A., Prebet, T., Santini, V., Gore, S. D., Komrokji, R. S. & Zeidan, A. M., 23 Jul 2018

    Article in Blood Advances

  5. Health-related quality of life in lower-risk MDS patients compared with age- and sex-matched reference populations: a European LeukemiaNet study

    Stauder, R. , Yu, G. , Koinig, K. A. , Bagguley, T. C. , Fenaux, P. , Symeonidis, A. , Sanz, G. , Cermak, J. , Mittelman, M. , Hellström-Lindberg, E. , Langemeijer, S. , Holm, M. S. , Mądry, K. , Malcovati, L. , Tatic, A. , Germing, U. , Savic, A. , van Marrewijk, C. , Guerci-Bresler, A. , Luño, E. & 5 others Droste, J., Efficace, F., Smith, A. G., Bowen, D. & de Witte, T., 6 Mar 2018

    Article in Leukemia : official journal of the Leukemia Society of America, Leukemia Research Fund, U.K

  6. Prognostic impact of a suboptimal number of analyzed metaphases in normal karyotype lower-risk MDS

    de Swart, L. , Smith, A. G. , Haase, D. , Fenaux, P. , Symeonidis, A. , Cermak, J. , Sanz, G. , Stauder, R. , Mittelman, M. , Hellström-Lindberg, E. , Malcovati, L. , Langemeijer, S. , Skov Holm, M. , Mądry, K. , Germing, U. , Almeida, A. M. , Tatic, A. , Savic, A. , Šimec, N. G. , van Marrewijk, C. & 9 others Guerci-Bresler, A., Sanhes, L., Luño, E., Culligan, D., Beyne-Rauzy, O., Burgstaller, S., Blijlevens, N., Bowen, D. & de Witte, T., 31 Jan 2018

    Article in Leukemia research

  7. 2017
  8. Can We Diagnose MDS without Bone Marrow Examination? a Proposed EUMDS-Based Non-Invasive Diagnostic Model

    Oster, H. S., Shrkihe, B. A., Crouch, S., Smith, A., Yu, G., Carmi, G., Ben-Ezra, J., Naor, S., Fenaux, P. & Symeonidis, A., 7 Dec 2017

    Meeting abstract in Blood

  9. The Impact of Diabetes Mellitus As Comorbid Condition, in Patients with Lower-Risk Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS)—a Study of the European Leukemianet-Based MDS (EUMDS) Registry

    Symeonidis, A., Yu, G., Smith, A., Fenaux, P., Mittelman, M., Stauder, R., Sanz, G., Cermak, J., Hellstrom-Lindberg, E. & Malcovati, L., 7 Dec 2017

    Meeting abstract in Blood

  10. Labile plasma iron levels predict survival in patients with lower-risk Myelodysplastic syndromes

    de Swart, L. , Reiniers, C. , Bagguley, T. , van Marrewijk, C. , Bowen, D. , Hellström-Lindberg, E. , Tatic, A. , Symeonidis, A. , Huls, G. , Cermak, J. , van de Loosdrecht, A. A. , Garelius, H. , Culligan, D. , Macheta, M. , Spanoudakis, M. , Panagiotidis, P. , Krejci, M. , Blijlevens, N. , Langemeijer, S. , Droste, J. & 3 others Swinkels, D. W., Smith, A. & de Witte, T., 9 Nov 2017

    Article in Haematologica-The hematology journal

  11. Lupus-related single nucleotide polymorphisms and risk of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

    Bernatsky, S. , Velásquez García, H. A. , Spinelli, J. J. , Gaffney, P. , Smedby, K. E. , Ramsey-Goldman, R. , Wang, S. S. , Adami, H-O. , Albanes, D. , Angelucci, E. , Ansell, S. M. , Asmann, Y. W. , Becker, N. , Benavente, Y. , Berndt, S. I. , Bertrand, K. A. , Birmann, B. M. , Boeing, H. , Boffetta, P. , Bracci, P. M. & 81 others Brennan, P., Brooks-Wilson, A. R., Cerhan, J. R., Chanock, S. J., Clavel, J., Conde, L., Cotenbader, K. H., Cox, D. G., Cozen, W., Crouch, S., De Roos, A. J., de Sanjose, S., Di Lollo, S., Diver, W. R., Dogan, A., Foretova, L., Ghesquières, H., Giles, G. G., Glimelius, B., Habermann, T. M., Haioun, C., Hartge, P., Hjalgrim, H., Holford, T. R., Holly, E. A., Jackson, R. D., Kaaks, R., Kane, E., Kelly, R. S., Klein, R. J., Kraft, P., Kricker, A., Lan, Q., Lawrence, C., Liebow, M., Lightfoot, T., Link, B. K., Maynadie, M., McKay, J. D., Melbye, M., Molina, T. J., Monnereau, A., Morton, L. M., Nieters, A., North, K. E., Novak, A. J., Offit, K., Purdue, M. P., Rais, M., Riby, J., Roman, E., Rothman, N., Salles, G., Severi, G., Severson, R. K., Skibola, C. F., Slager, S. L., Smith, M. T., Southey, M. C., Staines, A., Teras, L. R., Thompson, C. A., Tilly, H., Tinker, L. F., Tjonneland, A., Turner, J., Vajdic, C. M., Vermeulen, R. C. H., Vijai, J., Vineis, P., Virtamo, J., Wang, Z., Weinstein, S., Witzig, T. E., Zelenetz, A., Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, A., Zhang, Y., Zheng, T., Zucca, M., Clarke, A. E. & Smith, A. G., 1 Oct 2017

    Article in Lupus science & medicine

  12. Cytomorphology review of 100 newly diagnosed lower-risk MDS patients in the European LeukemiaNet MDS (EUMDS) registry reveals a high inter-observer concordance

    de Swart, L. , Smith, A. G. , Mackenzie, M. , Symeonidis, A. , Neukirchen, J. , Mikulenkova, D. , Vallespi, T. , Zini, G. , Paszkowska-Kowalewska, M. , Kruger, A. , Saft, L. , Fenaux, P. , Bowen, D. , Hellström-Lindberg, E. , Čermák, J. , Stauder, R. , Tatic, A. , Skov Holm, M. , Malcovati, L. , Mądry, K. & 4 others Droste, J., Blijlevens, N., de Witte, T. & Germing, U., 20 May 2017

    Article in Annals of Hematology

  13. Unanswered questions in cancer prevalence estimation

    Lax, S. J., Lacy, S. E., Appleton, S., Painter, D. E., Smith, A. G., Roman, E. & Crouch, S., 2017

    Research output: Contribution to conferencePoster

  14. 2016
  15. Erythropoiesis-stimulating agents significantly delay the onset of a regular transfusion need in nontransfused patients with lower-risk myelodysplastic syndrome

    Garelius, H. K. G., Johnston, W. T., Smith, A. G., Park, S., de Swart, L., Fenaux, P., Symeonidis, A., Sanz, G., Cermak, J., Stauder, R., Malcovati, L., van de Loosdrecht, A. A., van Marrewijk, C. J., Bowen, D., Crouch, S., de Witte, T. J. M. & Hellstrom-Lindberg, E., 7 Dec 2016

    Article in Journal of general internal medicine

  16. Validation of Plasma Cell Immunophenotype As a Biomarker to Identify High-Risk Smoldering Myeloma

    Rawstron, A. C., Smith, A. G., de Tute, R. M., Painter, D. E., Roman, E. & Owen, R. G., 5 Dec 2016

    Research output: Contribution to conferencePoster

  17. Mantle Cell Lymphoma Management and Outcome in the U.K's Population-Based Haematological Malignancy Research Network

    Patmore, R., Smith, A. G., Appleton, S., Howell, D., Johnson, R. J., Burton, C. & Roman, E., 1 Dec 2016, p. 1112 1 p.

    Research output: Contribution to conferenceAbstract

  18. Similarity Search Methods As an Alternative to Sub-Type Characterisation in Aggressive Lymphomas

    Chulin, S., Barrans, S., Jack, A., Burton, C., Smith, A. G., Roman, E., Painter, D. E., Crouch, S., Tooze, R., Care, M. A. & Westhead, D. R., 1 Dec 2016, p. 3052 1 p.

    Research output: Contribution to conferenceAbstract

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