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Dr. Cathryn Jill Britton


  1. 2009
  2. Molecular insights into the colonization and chromosomal diversification of Madeiran house mice

    Foerster, D. W., Guenduez, I., Nunes, A. C., Gabriel, S., Ramalhinho, M. G., Mathias, M. L., Britton-Davidian, J. & Searle, J. B., Nov 2009

    Article in Molecular Ecology

  3. 2007
  4. Patterns of genic diversity and structure in a species undergoing rapid chromosomal radiation: an allozyme analysis of house mice from the Madeira archipelago

    Britton-Davidian, J., Catalan, J., Lopez, J., Ganem, G., Nunes, A. C., Ramalhinho, M. G., Auffray, J. C., Searle, J. B. & Mathias, M. L., Oct 2007

    Article in Heredity

  5. 2006
  6. Effects of climate on oxygen consumption and energy intake of chromosomally divergent populations of the House Mouse (Mus musculus domesticus) from the island of Madeira (North Atlantic, Portugal)

    Mathias, M. L., Nunes, A. C., Marques, C. C., Auffray, J. C., Britton-Davidian, J., Ganem, G., Gunduz, I., Ramalhinho, M. G., Searle, J. B. & Speakman, J. R., Apr 2006

    Article in Functional Ecology

  7. 2005
  8. Chromosomal phylogeny of Robertsonian races of the house mouse on the island of Madeira: testing between alternative mutational processes

    Britton-Davidian, J., Catalan, J., Ramalhinho, M. D., Auffray, J. C., Nunes, A. C., Gazave, E., Searle, J. B. & Mathias, M. D., Dec 2005

    Article in Genetical research

  9. 2004
  10. 2002
  11. Smoking cessation services for teenage smokers: Qualitative and pilot intervention studies

    Molyneux, A. W. P., Lewis, S. A., Coleman, T. J., McNeill, A., Madeley, R. J., Godfrey, C. A. & Britton, J. R., Dec 2002

    Article in Thorax

  12. 2001
  13. 2000
  14. Environmental genetics - Rapid chromosomal evolution in island mice

    Britton-Davidian, J., Catalan, J., Ramalhinho, M. D., Ganem, G., Auffray, J. C., Capela, R., Biscoito, M., Searle, J. B. & Mathias, M. D., 13 Jan 2000

    Article in Nature

  15. Nicotine addiction in Britain

    Britton, J., Bates, C., Channer, K., Cutherbertson, L., Godfrey, C., Jarvis, M. & McNeill, A., 2000, Royal College of Physicians: London.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  16. 1996