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Mr. Christopher Bowman


  1. 2021
  2. The role of plasma-molecule interactions on power and particle balance during detachment on the TCV tokamak

    Verhaegh, K., Lipschultz, B., Harrison, J. R., Duval, B. P., Fil, A., Wensing, M., Bowman, C., Gahle, D. S., Kukushkin, A., Moulton, D., Perek, A., Pshenov, A., Federici, F., Février, O., Myatra, O., Smolders, A. & Theiler, C., 8 Sep 2021

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  3. 2020
  4. 2019
  5. Overview of new MAST physics in anticipation of first results from MAST Upgrade

    Harrison, J. R., Akers, R. J., Allan, S. Y., Allcock, J. S., Allen, J. O., Appel, L., Barnes, M., Ben Ayed, N., Boeglin, W., Bowman, C., Bradley, J., Browning, P., Bryant, P., Carr, M., Cecconello, M., Challis, C. D., Chapman, S., Chapman, I. T., Colyer, G. J., Conroy, S. & 98 others, Conway, N. J., Cox, M., Cunningham, G., Dendy, R. O., Dorland, W., Dudson, B. D., Easy, L., Elmore, S. D., Farley, T., Feng, X., Field, A. R., Fil, A., Fishpool, G. M., Fitzgerald, M., Flesch, K., Fox, M. F. J., Frerichs, H., Gadgil, S., Gahle, D., Garzotti, L., Ghim, Y. C., Gibson, S., Gibson, K. J., Hall, S., Ham, C., Heiberg, N., Henderson, S. S., Highcock, E., Hnat, B., Howard, J., Huang, J., Irvine, S. W. A., Jacobsen, A. S., Jones, O., Katramados, I., Keeling, D., Kirk, A., Klimek, I., Kogan, L., Leland, J., Lipschultz, B., Lloyd, B., Lovell, J., Madsen, B., Marshall, O., Martin, R., McArdle, G., McClements, K., McMillan, B., Meakins, A., Meyer, H. F., Militello, F., Milnes, J., Mordijck, S., Morris, A. W., Moulton, D., Muir, D., Mukhi, K., Murphy-Sugrue, S., Myatra, O., Naylor, G., Naylor, P., Newton, S. L., O'Gorman, T., Omotani, J., O'Mullane, M. G., Orchard, S., Pamela, S. J. P., Pangione, L., Parra, F., Perez, R. V., Piron, L., Price, M., Reinke, M. L., Riva, F., Roach, C. M., Robb, D., Ryan, D., Saarelma, S., Salewski, M., Scannell, S., Schekochihin, A. A., Schmitz, O., Sharapov, S., Sharples, R., Silburn, S. A., Smith, S. F., Sperduti, A., Stephen, R., Thomas-Davies, N. T., Thornton, A. J., Turnyanskiy, M., Valovič, M., Van Wyk, F., Vann, R. G. L., Walkden, N. R., Waters, I. & Wilson, H. R., 5 Jun 2019

    Review article in Nuclear Fusion

  6. Physically principled reflection models applied to filtered camera imaging inversions in metal walled fusion machines

    ASDEX Upgrade Team, JET contributors, MAST-Upgrade Team & EUROFusion MST1 Team, 19 Apr 2019

    Article in The Review of scientific instruments

  7. 2017
  8. 2014
  9. Improved accuracy in the estimation of the tearing mode stability parameters (Δ′ and w c ) using 2D ECEI data in KSTAR

    Choi, M., Yun, G., Lee, W., Park, H., Park, Y-S., Sabbagh, S., Gibson, K., Bowman, C., Domier, C., Luhmann, N., Bak, J-G., Lee, S. & KSTAR Team, 3 Jun 2014

    Article in Nuclear fusion

  10. 2009