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Mr. James Robert Brown


  1. 2019
  2. One-proton and one-neutron knockout reactions from N=Z=28 Ni 56 to the A=55 mirror pair Co 55 and Ni 55

    Spieker, M., Gade, A., Weisshaar, D., Brown, B. A., Tostevin, J. A., Longfellow, B., Adrich, P., Bazin, D., Bentley, M. A., Brown, J. R., Campbell, C. M., Diget, C. A., Elman, B., Glasmacher, T., Hill, M., Pritychenko, B., Ratkiewicz, A. & Rhodes, D., 22 May 2019

    Article in Physical Review C

  3. 2012
  4. Resonances in Ne-19 with relevance to the astrophysically important F-18(p,alpha)O-15 reaction

    Mountford, D. J., Murphy, A. S. J., Achouri, N. L., Angulo, C., Brown, J. R., Davinson, T., Santos, F. D. O., de Sereville, N., Descouvemont, P., Kamalou, O., Laird, A. M., Pittman, S. T., Ujic, P. & Woods, P. J., 6 Feb 2012

    Article in Physical Review C

  5. Electron capture in core-collapse supernovae investigated through configuration mixing in neutron-rich nuclei

    Diget, C. A., Baugher, T., Bazin, D., Bentley, M. A., Berryman, J. S., Brown, J. R., Chipps, K. A., Davies, P. J., Fulton, B. R., Gade, A., Iwasaki, H., Laird, A. M., Lemasson, A., McDaniel, S., Ratkiewicz, A., Scruton, L., Shore, A., Stroberg, S. R., Weisshaar, D., Wimmer, K. & 1 others, Winkler, R., 2012, RUTHERFORD CENTENNIAL CONFERENCE ON NUCLEAR PHYSICS. Freeman, S., Andreyev, A., Bruce, A., Deacon, A., Jenkins, D., Joss, D., MacGregor, D., Regan, P., Simpson, J., Tungate, G., Wadsworth, B. & Watts, D. (eds.). BRISTOL: IOP PUBLISHING LTD, Vol. 381. 012119

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  6. 2011
  7. Isospin symmetry in the odd-odd mirror nuclei 44V/44Sc

    Bentley, M. A., Brown, J. R., Kent, P. E., Wadsworth, R., Lister, C. J., Seweryniak, D., Carpenter, M. P., Janssens, R. V. F., Zhu, S., Lauritsen, T., Andersson, L-L., Johansson, E. K., Garrett, P. E., Demand, G. A., Lenzi, S. M., Green, K. L. & Taylor, M. J., 19 Dec 2011

    Article in Physical Review C

  8. 2010
  9. The first direct measurement of 17O(α,γ) 21Ne and its impact upon s-process abundances

    Taggart, M., Hager, U., Laird, A. M., Ruiz, C., Hutcheon, D., Ottewell, D., Fallis, J., Erikson, L., Bentley, M., Brown, J. R., Buchmann, L., Chen, A. A., Chen, J., Chipps, K. A., D'Auria, J., Davids, B., Davis, C., Diget, C. A., Fox, S. P., Fulton, B. & 13 others, Galinski, N., Greife, U., Herwig, F., Hirschi, R., Howell, D., Martin, L., Mountford, D., Murphy, A., Pignatari, M., Reeve, S., Ruprecht, G., Sjue, S. & Veloce, L., 1 Dec 2010

    Article in Proceedings of Science


    Bentley, M. A., Paterson, I., Brown, J. R., Taylor, M. J., Diget, C. A., Adrich, P., Bazin, D., Cook, J. M., Gade, A., Glasmacher, T., McDaniel, S., Ratkiewicz, A., Siwek, K., Weisshaar, D., Pritychencko, B. & Lenzi, S. M., 30 Jul 2010

    Article in Modern Phys. Lett. A

  11. 2007
  12. Recent results in fragmentation isomer spectroscopy with rising

    Pietri, S., Regan, P. H., Podolyak, Z., Rudolph, D., Steer, S., Garnsworthy, A. B., Werner-Malento, E., Hoischen, R., Gorska, M., Gerl, J., Wollersheim, H. J., Kojouharov, I., Schaffner, H., Becker, F., Bednarczyk, P., Caceres, L., Doornenbal, P., Geissel, H., Grebosz, J., Kelic, A. & 43 others, Kurz, N., Montes, F., Prokopowicz, W., Saito, T., Tashenov, S., Heinz, A., Pfuetzner, M., Kurtukian-Nieto, T., Benzoni, G., Hellstrom, M., Jungclaus, A., Simpson, J., Andersson, L. -L., Atanasova, L., Balabanski, D., Bentley, M. A., Blank, B., Blazhev, A., Brandau, C., Brown, J. R., Bruce, A. M., Camera, F., Catford, W. N., Cullen, I. J., Dombradi, Z., Estevez, E., Fahlander, C., Gelletly, W., Ilie, G., Johansson, E. K., Jolie, J., Jones, G. A., Kmiecik, M., Kondev, F. G., Lalkovski, S., Liu, Z., Maj, A., Myalski, S., Shizuma, T., Simons, A. J., Schwertel, S., Walker, P. M. & Wieland, O., Aug 2007


  13. RISING: Gamma-ray spectroscopy with radioactive beams at GSI

    Doornenbal, P., Buerger, A., Rudolph, D., Grawe, H., Huebel, H., Regan, P. H., Reiter, P., Banu, A., Beck, T., Becker, F., Bednarczyk, R., Caceres, L., Geissel, H., Gerl, J., Gorska, M., Grebosz, J., Kavatsyuk, M., Kavatsyuk, O., Kelic, A., Kojouharov, I. & 58 others, Kurz, N., Lozeva, R., Montes, F., Prokopowicz, W., Saito, N., Saito, T., Schaffner, H., Tashenov, S., Weick, H., Werner-Malento, E., Winkler, M., Wollersheim, H. J., Al-Khatib, A., Andersson, L-L., Atanasova, L., Balabanski, D. L., Bentley, M. A., Benzoni, G., Blazhev, A., Bracco, A., Brambilla, S., Brandau, C., Bringel, P., Brown, J. R., Camera, F., Chmel, S., Clement, E., Crespi, F. C. L., Fahlander, C., Garnsworthy, A. B., Goergen, A., Hammond, G., Hellstroem, M., Hoischen, R., Honma, H., Johansson, E. K., Jungclaus, A., Kmieciek, M., Korten, W., Maj, A., Mandal, S., Meczynski, W., Million, B., Neusser, A., Nowacki, F., Otsuka, T., Pfuetzner, M., Pietri, S., Podolyak, Z., Richard, A., Seidlitz, M., Steer, S. J., Striepling, T., Utsuno, T., Walker, J., Warr, N., Wheldon, C. & Wieland, O., 2007, Tours Symposium on Nuclear Physics VI. Arnould, M., Lewitowicz, M., Emling, H., Akimune, H., Ohta, M., Utsunomiya, H., Wada, T. & Yamagata, T. (eds.). MELVILLE: AMER INST PHYSICS, p. 99-107 9 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  14. 2006
  15. Isospin symmetry of odd-odd mirror nuclei: Identification of excited states in N=Z-2 Mn-48

    Bentley, M. A., Taylor, M. J., Brown, J. R., Carpenter, M. P., Davids, C., Freeman, S. J., Garrett, P. E., Hammond, G., Janssens, R. V. F., du Rietz, R., Seweryniak, D., Chandler, C., Ekman, J., Lenzi, S. M. & Lister, C. J., 29 Sep 2006

    Article in Physical Review Letters