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Prof. John Clifford Sparrow


  1. 2015
  2. 2012
  3. The function of the M-line protein obscurin in controlling the symmetry of the sarcomere in the flight muscle of Drosophila

    Katzemich, A., Kreisköther, N., Alexandrovich, A., Elliott, C., Schöck, F., Leonard, K., Sparrow, J. & Bullard, B., 15 Jul 2012

    Article in Journal of Cell Science

  4. 2010
  5. Fetal akinesia caused by a novel actin filament aggregate myopathy skeletal muscle actin gene (ACTA1) mutation

    Stenzel, W., Prokop, S., Kress, W., Huppmann, S., Loui, A., Sarioglu, N. M. E., Laing, N. G., Sparrow, J. C., Heppner, F. L. & Goebel, H. H., Aug 2010

    Article in Neuromuscular disorders

  6. Drosophila indirect flight muscle specific Act88F actin mutants as a model system for studying congenital myopathies of the human ACTA1 skeletal muscle actin gene

    Haigh, S. E., Salvi, S. S., Sevdali, M., Stark, M., Goulding, D., Clayton, J. D., Bullard, B., Sparrow, J. C. & Nongthomba, U., Jun 2010

    Article in Neuromuscular disorders

  7. 2008
  8. Other Model Organisms for Sarcomeric Muscle Diseases

    Sparrow, J., Hughes, S. M. & Segalat, L., 2008, SARCOMERE AND SKELETAL MUSCLE DISEASE. BERLIN: SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN, p. 192-206 15 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

  9. 2007
  10. Intranuclear rod myopathy: Molecular pathogenesis and mechanisms of weakness

    Domazetovska, A., Ilkovski, B., Kumar, V., Valova, V. A., Vandebrouck, A., Hutchinson, D. O., Robinson, P. J., Cooper, S. T., Sparrow, J. C., Peckham, M. & North, K. N., Dec 2007

    Article in Annals of neurology

  11. 2006
  12. 2005
  13. The E93K actin mutation disturbs thin filament regulation

    Cammarato, A., Craig, R., Sparrow, J. & Lehman, W., 7 Mar 2005

    Article in The FASEB Journal

  14. 2004
  15. Actin mutations are one cause of congenital fibre type disproportion

    Laing, N. G., Clarke, N. F., Dye, D. E., Liyanage, K., Walker, K. R., Kobayashi, Y., Shimakawa, S., Hagiwara, T., Ouvrier, R., Sparrow, J. C., Nishino, I., North, K. N. & Nonaka, I., Nov 2004

    Article in Annals of neurology

  16. Structural studies of arthrin: Monoubiquitinated actin

    Burgess, S., Walker, M., Knight, P. J., Sparrow, J., Schmitz, S., Offer, G., Bullard, B., Leonard, K., Holt, J. & Trinick, J., 27 Aug 2004

    Article in Journal of Molecular Biology

  17. Single particle image processing of muscle thin filaments

    Murtagh, M. S., Burgess, S., Sparrow, J., Knight, P. J. & Trinick, J., Jan 2004

    Article in Biophysical Journal

  18. Steric regulation by mutant indirect flight muscle thin filaments

    Cammarato, A. R., Foster, D. B., Craig, R., Sparrow, J. C. & Lehman, W., Jan 2004

    Article in Biophysical Journal

  19. 2003
  20. Molecular evolutionary convergence of the flight muscle protein arthrin in diptera and hemiptera

    Schmitz, S., Schankin, C. J., Prinz, H., Curwen, R. S., Ashton, P. D., Caves, L. S. D., Fink, R. H. A., Sparrow, J. C., Mayhew, P. J. & Veigel, C., Dec 2003

    Article in Molecular Biology and Evolution

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