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Dr. Liat Levita


  1. 2018
  2. 2014
  3. 2013
  4. Linguistic Alignment in Adults with and Without Asperger's Syndrome

    Slocombe, K. E., Alvarez, I., Branigan, H. P., Jellema, T., Burnett, H. G., Fischer, A., Li, Y. H., Garrod, S. & Levita, L., Jun 2013

    Article in Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

  5. 2012
  6. 2010
  7. Midbrain Activation During Pavlovian Conditioning and Delusional Symptoms in Schizophrenia

    Romaniuk, L., Honey, G. D., King, J. R. L., Whalley, H. C., McIntosh, A. M., Levita, L., Hughes, M., Johnstone, E. C., Day, M., Lawrie, S. M. & Hall, J., Dec 2010

    Article in Archives of general psychiatry

  8. The storm and stress of adolescence: insights from human imaging and mouse genetics

    Casey, B. J., Jones, R. M., Levita, L., Libby, V., Pattwell, S. S., Ruberry, E. J., Soliman, F. & Somerville, L. H., Apr 2010

    Article in Developmental psychobiology

  9. A genetic variant BDNF polymorphism alters extinction learning in both mouse and human

    Soliman, F., Glatt, C. E., Bath, K. G., Levita, L., Jones, R. M., Pattwell, S. S., Jing, D., Tottenham, N., Amso, D., Somerville, L. H., Voss, H. U., Glover, G., Ballon, D. J., Liston, C., Teslovich, T., Van Kempen, T., Lee, F. S. & Casey, B. J., 12 Feb 2010

    Article in Science

  10. 2009
  11. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor as a model system for examining gene by environment interactions across development

    Casey, B. J., Glatt, C. E., Tottenham, N., Soliman, F., Bath, K., Amso, D., Altemus, M., Pattwell, S., Jones, R., Levita, L., McEwen, B., Magariños, A. M., Gunnar, M., Thomas, K. M., Mezey, J., Clark, A. G., Hempstead, B. L. & Lee, F. S., 24 Nov 2009

    Article in Neuroscience

  12. Attention enhances the retrieval and stability of visuospatial and olfactory representations in the dorsal hippocampus

    Muzzio, I. A., Levita, L., Kulkarni, J., Monaco, J., Kentros, C., Stead, M., Abbott, L. F. & Kandel, E. R., Jun 2009

    Article in PLoS Computational Biology

  13. The bivalent side of the nucleus accumbens

    Levita, L., Hare, T. A., Voss, H. U., Glover, G., Ballon, D. J. & Casey, B. J., 1 Feb 2009

    Article in Neuroimage

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