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Dr. Pat Coulson


  1. 2021
  2. Epitope Mapping of Exposed Tegument and Alimentary Tract Proteins Identifies Putative Antigenic Targets of the Attenuated Schistosome Vaccine

    Farias, L. P., Vance, G. M., Coulson, P. S., Vitoriano-Souza, J., Neto, A. P. D. S., Wangwiwatsin, A., Neves, L. X., Castro-Borges, W., McNicholas, S., Wilson, K. S., Leite, L. C. C. & Wilson, R. A., 3 Mar 2021

    Article in Frontiers in immunology

  3. 2009
  4. 2008
  5. Elimination of Schistosoma mansoni Adult Worms by Rhesus Macaques: Basis for a Therapeutic Vaccine?

    Wilson, R. A., Langermans, J. A. M., van Dam, G. J., Vervenne, R. A., Hall, S. L., Borges, W. C., Dillon, G. P., Thomas, A. W. & Coulson, P. S., Sep 2008


  6. 2006
  7. Previous or ongoing schistosome infections do not compromise the efficacy of the attenuated cercaria vaccine

    Kariuki, T. M., Van Dam, G. J., Deelder, A. M., Farah, I. O., Yole, D. S., Wilson, R. A. & Coulson, P. S., Jul 2006

    Article in Infection and Immunity

  8. Microarray analysis identifies genes preferentially expressed in the lung schistosomulum of Schistosoma mansoni

    Dillon, G. P., Feltwell, T., Skelton, J. P., Ashton, P. D., Coulson, P. S., Quail, M. A., Nikolaidou-Katsaridou, N., Wilson, R. A. & Ivens, A. C., Jan 2006

    Article in International Journal for Parasitology

  9. 2005
  10. 2004
  11. Parameters of the attenuated schistosome vaccine evaluated in the olive baboon

    Kariuki, T. M., Farah, I. O., Yole, D. S., Mwenda, J. M., Van Dam, G. J., Deelder, A. M., Coulson, P. S. & Wilson, R. A., Sep 2004

    Article in Infection and Immunity

  12. 2003
  13. Transcriptome analysis of the acoelomate human parasite Schistosoma mansoni

    DeMarco, R., Martins, E. A. L., Guimarães, P. E. M., Ojopi, E. P. B., Paquola, A. C. M., Piazza, J. P., Nishiyama Jr, N. Y., Kitajima, J. P., Adamson, R. E., Bonaldo, M. F., Coulson, P. S., Farias, L. P., Gregorio, S. P., Ho, P. L., Leite, R. A., Malaquias, L. C. C., Marques, R. C. P., Miyasato, P. A., Nascimento, A. L. T. O., Ohlweiler, F. P. & 17 others, Reis, E. M., Ribeiro, M. A., Sá, R. G., Stukart, G. C., Soares, M. B., Gargioni, C., Kawano, T., Rodrigues, V., Madeira, A. M. B. N., Menck, C. F. M., Setubal, J. C., Leite, L. C. C., Dias-Neto, E., Verjovski-Almeida, S., Ashton, P. D., Dillon, G. P. & Wilson, R. A., Oct 2003

    Article in Nature genetics

  14. Juvenile rhesus monkeys have lower type 2 cytokine responses than adults after primary infection with Schistosoma mansoni

    Fallon, P. G., Gibbons, J., Vervenne, R. A., Richardson, E. J., Fulford, A. J. C., Kiarie, S., Sturrock, R. F., Coulson, P. S., Deelder, A. M., Langermans, J. A. M., Thomas, A. W. & Dunne, D. W., 15 Mar 2003

    Article in The Journal of Infectious Diseases

  15. 2001
  16. Cellular and humoral immune responses and protection against schistosomes induced by a radiation-attenuated vaccine in chimpanzees

    Frost, P. A., Coulson, P. S., Eberl, M., Langermans, J. A. M., Vervenne, R. A., Van Dam, G. J., Deelder, A. M., Thomas, A. W. & Wilson, R. A., Sep 2001

    Article in Infection and Immunity

  17. Antibodies to glycans dominate the host response to schistosome larvae and eggs: Is their role protective or subversive?

    Eberl, M., Langermans, J. A. M., Vervenne, R. A., Nyame, A. K., Cummings, R. D., Thomas, A. W., Coulson, P. S. & Wilson, R. A., 15 Apr 2001

    Article in The Journal of Infectious Diseases

  18. The effects of chronic schistosomiasis on murine Helicobacter induced gastritis

    Crabtree, J. E., Court, M., Walker, M. M., Coulson, P. S., Coggle, S., Robinson, P. A., Sosnoskwa, D. & Telford, J. L., Apr 2001

    Article in Gastroenterology

  19. 2000
  20. 1999
  21. TNF is essential for the cell-mediated protective immunity induced by the radiation-attenuated schistosome vaccine

    Street, M., Coulson, P. S., Sadler, C., Warnock, L. J., McLaughlin, D., Bluethmann, H. & Wilson, R. A., 15 Oct 1999

    Article in Journal of Immunology

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