Paul Pryor

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Type of addressPostal address
Postal codeYO10 5DD
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
Address lines
  • The Hull York Medical School
    University of York
    YO10 5DD

Phone: (01904) 328563

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Dr. Paul Pryor

Senior Lecturer

  1. 2017
  2. 2016
  3. 2015
  4. 2014
  5. Subcellular Fractionation: a laboratory manual

    Pryor, P. (ed.), 1 Nov 2014, Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Press. 247 p. (Laboratory Manual)

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  6. 2012
  7. The binding of Varp to VAMP7 traps VAMP7 in a closed, fusogenically inactive conformation

    Schäfer, I. B., Hesketh, G. G., Bright, N. A., Gray, S. R., Pryor, P. R., Evans, P. R., Luzio, J. P. & Owen, D. J., 28 Oct 2012

    Article in Nature structural & molecular biology

  8. 2010
  9. 2009
  10. 2008
  11. Molecular basis for the sorting of the SNARE VAMP7 into endocytic clathrin-coated vesicles by the ArfGAP Hrb

    Pryor, P. R., Jackson, L., Gray, S. R., Edeling, M. A., Sanderson, C. M., Luzio, J. P., Evans, P. R., Thompson, A. & Owen, D. J., 5 Sep 2008

    Article in Cell

  12. 2007
  13. 2006
  14. 2005
  15. Membrane traffic to and from lysosomes

    Luzio, J. P., Pryor, P. R., Gray, S. R., Gratian, M. J., Piper, R. C. & Bright, N. A., 2005

    Article in Biochemical Society symposium

  16. 2004
  17. Combinatorial SNARE complexes with VAMP7 or VAMP8 define different late endocytic fusion events

    Pryor, P. R., Mullock, B. M., Bright, N. A., Lindsay, M. R., Gray, S. R., Richardson, S. C. W., Stewart, A., James, D. E., Piper, R. C. & Luzio, J. P., 2004

    Article in EMBO Reports

  18. 2001
  19. Relationship between endosomes and lysosomes

    Luzio, J. P., Mullock, B. M., Pryor, P. R., Lindsay, M. R., James, D. E. & Piper, R. C., 2001

    Article in Biochemical Society transactions

  20. 2000
  21. Lysosome-endosome fusion and lysosome biogenesis

    Luzio, J. P., Rous, B. A., Bright, N. A., Pryor, P. R., Mullock, B. M. & Piper, R. C., 2000

    Article in Journal of Cell Science

  22. 1999
  23. 1998