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Phone: (01904) 322546

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Dr. Vitaliy L Budarin

Research Fellow

  1. Article › Research › Peer-reviewed
  2. A simple and efficient route to active and dispersed silica supported palladium nanoparticles

    Barau, A., Budarin, V., Caragheorgheopol, A., Luque, R., Macquarrie, D. J., Prelle, A., Teodorescu, V. S. & Zaharescu, M., Aug 2008

    Article in Catalysis Letters

  3. Barothermal modification of activated carbon with maleic anhydride

    Diyuk, V. E., Gorlova, A. A., Budarin, V. L., Sidorchuk, V. V. & Yatsimirskii, V. K., 1 Jul 2011

    Article in Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry

  4. CO2 gasification of bio-char derived from conventional and microwave pyrolysis

    Wu, C., Budarin, V. L., Wang, M., Sharifi, V., Gronnow, M. J., Wu, Y., Swithenbank, J., Clark, J. H. & Williams, P. T., 1 Nov 2015

    Article in Applied Energy

  5. Chemical modification of activated carbons

    Budarin, V. L., Clark, J. H., Gorlova, A. A., Boldyreva, N. A. & Yatsimirsky, V. K., 2000


  6. Green chemistry and the biorefinery: A partnership for a sustainable future

    Clark, J. H., Budarin, V., Deswarte, F. E. I., Hardy, J. J. E., Kerton, F. M., Hunt, A. J., Luque, R., Macquarrie, D. J., Milkowski, K., Rodriguez, A., Samuel, O., Tavener, S. J., White, R. J. & Wilson, A. J., 2006

    Article in Green Chemistry

  7. Microalgae biorefinery concept based on hydrothermal microwave pyrolysis

    Budarin, V., Ross, A. B., Biller, P., Riley, R., Clark, J. H., Jones, J. M., Gilmour, D. J. & Zimmerman, W., 1 Dec 2012

    Article in Green Chemistry

  8. NMR and IR study of fluorobenzene and hexafluorobenzene adsorbed on alumina

    Budarin, V. L., Clark, J. H., Hale, S. E., Tavener, S. J., Mueller, K. T. & Washton, N. M., 8 May 2007

    Article in Langmuir

  9. Simple preparation of novel metal-containing mesoporous starches

    Ojeda, M., Budarin, V., Shuttleworth, P. S., Clark, J. H., Pineda, A., Balu, A. M., Romero, A. A. & Luque, R., 10 May 2013

    Article in Materials

  10. Starbons: New starch-derived mesoporous carbonaceous materials with tunable properties

    Budarin, V., Clark, J. H., Hardy, J. J. E., Luque, R., Milkowski, K., Tavener, S. J. & Wilson, A. J., 3 May 2006

    Article in Angewandte Chemie International Edition

  11. The hydrophobisation of activated carbon surfaces by organic functional groups

    Budarin, V. L., Clark, J. H., Mikhalovsky, S. V., Gorlova, A. A., Boldyreva, N. A. & Yatsimirsky, V. K., 2000


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